Which property markets are you targeting for 2015?

Which property markets are you targeting for 2015?

Which property markets are you targeting for 2015?

The last decade or so has been a very volatile time for the worldwide real estate market with no individual country having escaped the economic downturn. While it would be right to say that some markets have performed better than others, with the Australian and Dubai markets a prime example along with London, real estate investment markets can change very quickly. As we approach the end of 2014 we thought it would be interesting to hear your views on 2015 and which particular property markets you are looking at?

There are many different investment strategies which you can use to make serious money in the longer term but which countries do you believe will benefit over the next 12 months or so?

European real estate market

While the London property market shines like a beacon within the European real estate market, it is sometimes easy to forget that countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and many others have seen a massive collapse in their real estate values. The situation is heavily linked to the Euro and the performance of the European wide economy but with 2014 having been a difficult year, have you got confidence in 2015 and beyond?

Quote from PropertyForum.com:”Whether you are a new entrant to the real estate market or perhaps you have been around for some time, do you have any particular property expert investors who inspire you?”

Some might suggest it would take a brave investor to move into the European real estate market at this moment in time. However, let’s not forget that it is darkest before the dawn and for many European real estate markets, they are at their darkest today.

US real estate market

Is difficult to cover the US real estate market in general terms as this particular market is huge and varies enormously. We have seen some real estate markets move beyond their 2007 all-time highs while others remain in the doldrums without a friend in the world. The US economy is also struggling to pull out of the recent worldwide recession despite the fact that the government is pumping billions upon billions of dollars into the economy. At some point the US economy will improve, confidence will return and real estate investment will pick up but when and where?

South American real estate market

South America performed much better than the vast majority of other areas of the world in light of the US inspired 2008 mortgage crisis economic downturn. We saw the likes of Brazil and Mexico stepping up to the mark, a significant improvement in investor confidence and the general wealth of the area has certainly grown dramatically. It is also worth noting that South America now has an array of new trade links with other areas of the world which will in due course have a very positive impact upon local economies. It is time to look towards the South American real estate market or could we see some investors returning to the US, Europe and perhaps Asia as and when the worldwide economy is a little more steady?

Other areas of the world

There are many new real estate markets emerging around the world on a regular basis, often areas which investors had assumed were off-limits and inaccessible in years gone by. The ever expanding European Union has brought in an array of former Communist countries and while there are obvious risks in the early days, perhaps there is significant growth potential in the longer term for those willing to take a little more risk?


We would be very interested to hear which particular real estate markets you are looking at with regards to 2015 and beyond. Will you stick with the tried and tested successfully markets of recent years or is it time to look at the bombed out real estate sectors in Europe and other parts of the world?

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