US real estate market making full use of drone technology

When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) changed the regulations on the use of drones it was obvious they would become a material part of the US real estate market. Drone “pilots” no longer need an FAA pilot’s licence instead they can legally fly a drone with a remote pilot certificate which costs about $150. The fact that drones are now approved for commercial use, perhaps before many people had expected, has caused significant excitement within the real estate sector.

Marketing properties

The days of still pictures being the only way to market properties are a thing of the past with the Internet offering remote webcam access and drones now offering the ability to take aerial shots in the shape of videos and photographs. There are drone video/photography companies popping up all over the USA with emphasis on the real estate sector. While you can never beat visiting an actual property in person before making an offer, for those looking from afar there are options such as drone videos and webcams.

As the real estate sector becomes more and more competitive it is vital to get an edge over a competitor who may have a similar property for sale. If you can give a broader view of the property, perhaps a view of the grounds via a drone system this could give you that extra margin to close the deal.

Amateur drone users beware

We have all seen the videos of drones in use on the Internet, the simple flick of a switch and your machine is up and running. It all looks extremely easy in these perfected videos but there are warnings that it is not as easy as it looks. If you are looking to use a drone to help sell a property you will need to have one able to hold a quality camera. The most suitable drones for this particular purpose will be heavier and more expensive than “hobby drones” but there is also the issue of controlling these devices in volatile weather conditions.

A number of organisations have come forward to warn drone users of their responsibilities with regard to powerlines and avoiding accidents with the general public. It would be interesting to learn what kind of insurance cover these drone companies require to fly a drone in public air space and then there is also the issue of privacy.

Technology taken for granted

If we look back over the last 20 or 30 years there have been some monumental changes in the real estate sector much of it brought about by the Internet. The real estate market we see today makes full use of the latest technology and very often we take this for granted. The use of commercial drones was only a matter of time once these devices were perfected for both hobby and commercial use. There are issues of privacy, potential accidents and it is correct that the FAA while loosening the regulations still has regulations in place.

What else can we expect from the world of technology which will impact the worldwide real estate market in years to come?

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