Oprah Winfrey’s health Guru Deepak Chopra moves into real estate

So-called alternative health practitioner and new-age and wellness Guru Deepak Chopra has been head-hunted by New York-based real estate developer Property Markets Group to participate in the company’s joint-venture S2 Development business. On the surface it may be difficult to see how a so-called health Guru, who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show back in 1993, could add anything to the already competitive US real estate market. However, if you sit back and look at the situation from a distance it begins to become clearer.

Long-term health

There are many different elements which impact the long-term health of the worldwide population which include where they live, how they live and their immediate environment. Deepak Chopra believes that his “wellness building systems” can improve an individual’s energy levels, hormonal balance, heart rate, sleep quality, respiratory patterns and dietary rhythms. In simple terms, these buildings could improve your overall standard of living and health.

There are sceptics who will suggest that this move is yet another fad in the luxury end of the US real estate market. This is a market which regularly reaches out for new and innovative ideas many of which all flat never to appear again. However, there is a growing confidence that Deepak Chopra could add something to this area of the market.

Biological living

You can add the term “biological living” to your dictionary if Deepak Chopra has his way and this will be a growing market in the future. The technologies designed to go with Property Markets Group homes will include mood lighting, spatial floor, specifically designed colours to mimic nature not to mention advanced water purification and state-of-the-art air conditioning. The idea behind improving your living environment, to benefit your long-term health and standard of living, is not new. There are various scientific research notes which do indeed lend support to this line of thinking but what price will you pay for Deepak Chopra’s vision of the future?

Coming to a market near you

The 65 story Carlos Ott designed parabolic glass tower known as “The Muse Residences” was officially completed last month and will be one of the first to come under the guidance of Deepak Chopra. This is just the first of many planned developments which will come into the joint-venture arrangement with the health Guru. There has already been significant demand for “The Muse Residences” with 70% of the development presold and the additional 30% likely to be snapped up very quickly. This in itself is no mean feat when you bear in mind the difficult conditions in the Miami luxury real estate sector.

Is this the way forward?

While many will be sceptical about the health benefits of these new developments there is no doubt where and how you live does have a major impact upon your overall health. Can you really put a price on increasing your energy levels? Improving your sleep? Maintaining good long-term health?

We have seen many fads come and go in the luxury real estate market but this particular venture would appear to have some longevity although time will tell.

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