Homes of the future more than just a home

The last few years have been dominated by the technology industry as we see an array of new services and products hitting the market. While the traditional route to sale is through stores and the online arena a very interesting development has been occurring behind the scenes. This changing trend began in America and is now appearing in many different real estate markets around the world. So what is happening and what can we expect for the future?

Electric car chargers

The electric car industry has grown significantly in recent times despite a number of false dawns. Interestingly, many of the leading construction companies across the globe are now looking at the introduction of home based electric car charging points as standard. It is unclear at this moment in time as to the amount of financial reward this will attract, from both local authorities and car charging companies, but it could be a very interesting way to reduce the overall cost of building a new property.

There are already numerous tax incentives for those using electric cars and we can only assume there will be similar incentives in place for those looking to actively grow the worldwide electric car charging network?

Solar energy

Despite the fact that solar energy is certainly a very interesting way of creating power by purely natural means it has attracted more than its fair share of controversy and criticism. In many ways this has overshadowed the improvements in solar energy technology with products available today which bear little or no resemblance to those of 10 years ago. Solar energy in new builds across the world is not something new, it has been attempted on numerous occasions before, but lately local authorities have been polishing their green credentials and announcing further incentives.

It will obviously depend on a number of factors, such as location, as to what level of power can be created from solar energy but it certainly has a place in the real estate market. The tax incentives offered by local authorities are also creating more interest in this particular field. Greater sales will obviously lead to greater investment in new technology and hopefully an ever improving product.

Environmentally friendly homes

There are hundreds if not thousands of way in which you can make a property more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional homes. The use of cavity wall insulation, the actual materials used to build these properties as well as the interior design can have a major impact upon the buildings environmentally friendly credentials. Around a decade ago there was significant demand for environmentally friendly homes and while in some areas this may have weakened of late, due perhaps to the recent worldwide recession, it is still a consideration for many people.

If you’re able to cut your heating bills, create your own electricity and have an interior design which maximises every aspect of your property, would you turn this down?


Historically the traditional family home has been extraordinary similar right across the globe. However, in some ways homes are now seen as a means to introduce new energy-saving technology, introduce new services as standard and have to a certain extent become a showcase unit for the latest technology/services. While demand for environmentally friendly homes may have faded a little in light of the recent worldwide recession it is still a very strong factor going forward and something which many people will give due consideration.

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