A day in the life of the UK property market

If you search the more popular search engines for property related stories you will come across a whole raft of different comments and suggestions. Some people are forecasting a pickup in the UK market, others think the market is headed south and some are not willing to put their reputations on the line. So, let us take a look at four random headlines covering the UK property market to see whether they can all be right.

Prime London housing market showing post Brexit signs of life

The London property market has been under significant pressure since the Brexit vote last year. The media have tried to talk down the market but it has been a little more resilient than many expected. The 20% fall in the value of the pound against the dollar has increased the attractions for overseas investors and indeed it is quite likely we are starting to see signs of life. So, while some continue to talk down the prime London property market, you could argue that it has bottomed out in the short term and is starting to come back to life.

Housing market slumps as owners wait up to 10 months for sale

This is obviously one of the more negative comments on the UK housing market suggesting that some properties are on the market for 10 months before they are sold. There is no doubt that some properties will spend a prolonged period of time for sale but much of this will be down to location and the asking price. To suggest there is a slump in the UK property market is perhaps stretching the truth a little but some areas are certainly experiencing a slowdown.

However, as we mentioned in one of our recent articles, those areas supporting Brexit seem to have performed much better than those in favour of remaining in the European Union. What do you make of that?

Britain’s booming housing market set for further slowdown, property experts warn

This in itself is a difficult headline to understand because it suggests that the UK property market is booming but set for a “further slowdown”. While there is no doubt that the UK property market is not as strong as it has been, this article headline would appear to paint a boom and bust scenario. The fact is that uncertainty surrounding the Brexit issue and likely prolonged negotiations with the European Union have seen some investors decide to sit on the sidelines. However, as we see time and time again, there is a strong backbone of investors interested in UK property just waiting for the right price.

How renting can fix the UK’s broken housing market

This headline certainly gives an interesting take on the UK property market and the fact that as buyers decide to withdraw, many could move to rental arrangements. We have seen this over the last 30 years, the buy to let market has been on fire and a significant move towards rental properties will again encourage buy to let investors, which will help to support prices in the short term. So, while many people continue to focus on first-time buyers and those looking to upsize and downsize, perhaps we should be looking towards property investors and how they are reacting to increased demand for rental accommodation?

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