Vladimir Putin and his mysterious property fortune

While there has been much speculation regarding the net worth of Donald Trump, with estimates anywhere from $3 billion up to $10 billion, there is some intriguing information emerging about Vladimir Putin’s alleged net worth. Let’s not forget this is a man who has controlled Russia for the last 14 years with allegations of money-laundering, embezzlement and redirected government funding apparently the norm. So, what is the truth behind Vladimir Putin and his mysterious property fortune?

Is Putin really worth up to $200 billion?

There are some rather bizarre figures being bandied around regarding Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth with figures anywhere between $40 billion and a phenomenal $200 billion. While much of his personal fortune is said to be invested in oil it is known that he has a number of very expensive properties. A palace on the Black Sea is itself reported to be worth a phenomenal $1 billion even though ownership rumours have been refuted time and time again by his advisers.

Over the years we have seen a number of reports issued regarding Putin’s wealth with one political rival suggesting he had access to 58 planes and helicopters, watch collection worth $500,000 and 20 palaces and country retreats. Indeed one of the perk of Putin’s time in control of Russia is a 2300 acre residence on Lake Valdai in north-west Russia.

Building up a portfolio

When you bear a mind the amount of funding which has allegedly gone awry during his time in office, how much has been hidden away in the property market? It is common knowledge that Vladimir Putin has in the past utilised an array of offshore companies to hide his wealth. Indeed, it was alleged that he was also caught up in various offshore money-laundering investigations in years gone by. However, these allegations are very quickly disappeared from the public eye!

It will never be possible to truly calculate the wealth of President Putin but a conservative estimate suggests that he owns 20 properties spread right across the globe. When he eventually releases his control of Russia we would normally expect some kind of official investigation into the various allegations surrounding his presidency. However, many believe that Putin already has information on leading figures in the Russian political arena which will protect him going forward.

Donald Trump has nothing on President Putin

Even though Donald Trump publicly declares he has a wealth in excess of $10 billion it is believed it is somewhere nearer $3 billion. His refusal to follow the traditional path of former US presidents in revealing their wealth and tax returns will always leave a dark cloud over the situation. Allegations of strong links with Russia, and in particular President Putin, will just not go away. The two may be friendly on the political stage but even Donald Trump’s vast wealth is nowhere near the most conservative estimate of Putin’s.

A palace said to be worth in excess of $1 billion and 20 properties in total would make Vladimir Putin a serious player in the worldwide real estate market. However, will we ever know his true real estate wealth?

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