The rise of the SME developer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll be aware that the UK is currently in the grips of a housing crisis.

It’s been predicted that we will be at least one million houses short by 2025.

Successive governments have attempted to solve the problem but the fact is we’re just not building enough. Indeed, when we hit the housebuilding target in the 2016/2017 financial year, it was the first time the target had been hit since before the financial crisis.

One would think that large developers hold the key to solving the crisis – and to some extent they do. However, it’s not a secret that large developers are not delivering – for a whole variety of reasons (another article for another day!) and as a result another group is taking it upon itself to tackle the crisis head on. I’m talking of course about the SME developers.

Small scale developers are now seen as crucial to solving the housing crisis. The government has already announced plans to build one million homes by 2022 and it’s widely acknowledged that SME firms must play a part in this in order for the target to be achieved.

Indeed, last year when then secretary of state for housing Sajid Javid (now Home Secretary) launched the government’s long awaited Housing White Paper he made it clear he wanted to see the market move away from being dominated by the big developers and give more incentives to smaller firms.

But, of course, these developers can only succeed if the funding they need is available to them.
And development finance is coming to their aid with a host of new products and deals.

Finance 4 Business can help you find the right funding for your development project, whatever the size. Small scale developers of the UK, your country needs you! And they are on hand to help.

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