Are you making full use of new technology to improve your property investment decisions?

The idea of property investment is straightforward, get some funds together, choose a property and close the deal. It is only when you get down to the finer detail that it becomes a little more complicated where you can make right, wrong and indifferent decisions. Even though the property market we look at today is identical in theory to that of 10 years, 20 years and 50 years ago the technology available to investors has changed significantly. So, are you making full use of new technologies to improve your property investment decisions?

The Internet and property investment

There are very few areas of everyday life that the Internet has yet to touch and impact significantly. From checking your bank account to booking a holiday, buying your groceries to sending a present to a friend, everything has changed. Even though property investors are fully aware of the power of the Internet how many of them really utilise its full capacity?

Priceless property data

It is now possible to access pricing data for any property in the UK and see how many times it is changed hands. Estate agents are now fully engaged with potential customers using the online arena to catch your attention, relay figures to you and ultimately be there should you require further assistance. The ability to track the history of any one property is there for everybody and while there may be a small charge in some circumstances this is money well spent.

Online media

If we look back 20 years ago, if we’re honest how many investors were aware of what was going on in the worldwide property market? How many of us even knew what was going on in a different market in the UK? To read the property media as it was then, much of it off-line, would have been nigh on possible and mean reading through pages and pages of irrelevant information to get to the hidden gems. The fact that millions of property articles are now available on the Internet means that you can pick and choose articles to suit your requirements and areas of the market in which you have an interest. We take it for granted, we don’t always make full use of it but online media now influences the way property investors make their decisions.

Property forums

As you will see from our property forum, the ability to ask questions, help other individuals and also just look through various questions and scenarios posted on the forum is priceless. It is all good and well reading up on background information but to see those who have been there, done it and bought the T-shirt talking about their experiences is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are looking for information about buy to let, you are worried about your tax situation or perhaps you are looking to redevelop some land, there will be somebody on the forum able to help with many having gone through similar scenarios.

While we often appreciate new technology in our everyday life, those looking to make a living out of long-term investment in property have not always been as savvy. Property pricing information is there, the expert reviews are there and all you need to do is take into account different views and information and then make your own decision.


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