How to Make Your Rental Property (and Yourself!) Stand Out

For those of you approaching the end of current tenancy agreements and getting ready to start viewings to find new tenants, Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords has put together some ideas on how to make your property stand out.

It can be a competitive market and, regardless of the current housing crisis, renters still want to make sure that they have found a home that best suits their needs.

The recent Building More, Building Beautiful report by the Policy Exchange mentions that, although we are in desperate need of an increase in available housing, it is imperative that such homes provide more than just a roof and four walls; they need to provide adequate space, and the necessary facilities and design for a comfortable living.

With this in mind, as a landlord, you can do your part to make sure that you are not only providing options that meet your own expectations in a home, but go even further to leave a positive impression with those who view your property.

Spruce up the property

It doesn’t need to take much time or money to give a house a spruce up, assuming that it has received general maintenance on a regular basis. Start with a de-clutter. If it is furnished, open every cupboard and drawer to make sure that nothing has been left behind from previous tenants. Don’t forget to check underneath and behind beds as well. Find yourself a cleaning list to go through, such as the one available online in Landlord News’ free guide section.

If you’ve always left the furniture in the same position since day one, then now is the perfect opportunity to mix things up a bit. Move the sofa to a different corner and put the bed up against the opposite wall – you may find this provides more floor space, making rooms feeling more spacious.

Tidy up those outside areas

Don’t forget the garden, either. It is generally up to the tenants to maintain the state of the garden, unless the tenancy agreement states otherwise, but there’s nothing to stop you breathing some life into it. Add a few colourful plants and, if there is any garden furniture, check it over to make sure it’s still in good condition. Give it a wipe down if it’s looking a bit grimy.

Highlight the benefits of the local area

Don’t forget to consider the surrounding area. Tell them about the local pub with the chilled atmosphere, or the primary school with the outstanding Ofsted rating. Knowledge of available public transport will also be useful. If you don’t know this information, it isn’t hard to find out with a Google search.

Get off to a great start

When it comes to viewings, remember the importance of first impressions. Put a couple of air fresheners about the place to provide a welcoming aroma, but it’s best to go for neutral smells – you want to aim for clean and fresh. Open any curtains or blinds as well, show off any potential for natural light. If there is space, have all the doors open. Inviting viewers to look into every room will leave them feeling as though they’ve fully seen what your property has to offer.

If you’ve added anything new to the property, whether it’s something big like a new boiler or windows, or simply a new dining table, let them know! Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting something new, especially when it is most likely someone has lived in the property previously.

Overall, make sure you come across friendly, interested and approachable. Someone may love the property, but if they get a negative vibe from you, they might not be as keen to enter a contract with a landlord they feel unsure about. You could even provide them with your contact details, in case they have further questions about the property.

Look after your portfolio

Amongst all this talk of what’s best for the tenant, we would like to add one final point to remember to also consider your own needs. As always, having the right Landlord Insurance in place to fully protect your investments can give you peace of mind.

Bear these tips in mind, and they may help to speed up the process of finding your next tenant. By presenting yourself and your property in the most desirable way, you should have immediate interest.

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