Tommy Hilfiger estate for sale at $27.5 million

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife have decided to sell their 14,000 square-foot beachfront mansion just four years after acquiring the property. The official address is “605 Ocean Boulevard, Golden Beach, Florida” which just about says it all. It is part of a luxury community which is home to an array of famous celebrities who enjoy their privacy as well as their own taste in decor. So, what do you get for $27.5 million?

Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The property itself was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard and is ultimately a showcase of the Hilfiger couples extensive artwork collection. Even the quickest glance at images of the estate will show you that it is inspired by the 60s and 70s psychedelic colours and eye-catching artwork. The fact it also has seven bedrooms perfectly illustrates the size of this multimillion dollar mansion but there is more to this property!

When you bear in mind how much property costs in this area, and it’s vicinity to the sea, can you imagine a property just 100 feet from the sea? The official brochure promoting the property also confirms that one of the bathrooms has a “scratch and sniff” wallpaper although exactly what aroma this releases is unknown.

Some rooms in the property

It is difficult to know where to start because many of the images in the brochure do actually seem like portrait pictures. The attention to detail and the colours are very different in each room and while who would have thought that a green sofa would go with a wooden floor together with surfboards on the roof? Yes, this is the sea front room leaving you literally just a hop skip and a jump from the sand.

Dining Room

There is a very ornate dining room with a psychedelic black-and-white floor, long silver table and red padded chairs. While in normal circumstances the crystal chandelier might look out of place, everything is so different in this room that it actually all goes together. The designer must have spent hours on each individual room because the attention to detail and the contrasts are amazing.


One of the restroom is well what can we say, psychedelic! The walls and the ceiling are adorned with blue-and-white triangles and multisided shapes which are contrasted by the rainbow artwork on the wall. The fairly benign cream sofa offers yet another contrast and the designer tables and chairs finish off this particular room. There is so much colour, so much happening that it can be difficult to give a real impression of the room.

Living Area

Moving into the main living area this is dominated by a mirrored ceiling, psychedelic carpet and an array of seating around the outside of the room. The artwork is perfectly positioned taking centre stage in the room which offers both a colourful yet extremely spacious experience. There seems to be a “yellow design” going on in one of the bedrooms and we can only assume adjoining bathroom. This is different, this is eye-catching and this does seem to be a trend right through this Hilfiger house!

Will the asking price be achieved in full?

While we have only touched on the immense attention to detail right through this house it will be interesting to see whether the $27.5 million asking price is achieved in full. What we do know is that the buyer will certainly have a colourful, eye-catching and extremely well-designed property.


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