Is Tom Jones yearning for the green green grass of home?

Singer Tom Jones has surprised many by putting his Beverly Hills home of 20 years on the market with an asking price of US$8 million. It is common knowledge that Tom Jones’s life has changed dramatically over the last couple of years after losing his beloved wife despite the fact that they lived separate lives. It was a life which suited both of them, gave their children a family base and all parties never wanted for anything. At the passing of his wife Tom Jones effectively went into hibernation and was not seen for months but he has returned and he seems set to move on.

Mulholland Estates compound

His Beverly Hills home is situated in the Mulholland Estates compound and while this may be seen as a humdrum name, there is nothing humdrum about the property itself. The house has 16 rooms and a very impressive 750 m² of Mediterranean style contemporary villa. A number of images have been released of the property and one thing which stands out, head and shoulders above anything else, leopardprint!

As you enter the property there are various areas to relax and a winding staircase to the left with leopardprint carpet. Indeed the promotional literature also shows a very prominent image of Tom Jones recently departed wife who meant the world to him. There is literally so much memorabilia and furniture not to mention an array of African animal-related statues that some of the rooms look extremely cluttered. Where do you sit?

Five bedrooms and seven bathrooms

The $8 million asking price in Beverly Hills will get you five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and some beautiful views from the upper terraces. Many people automatically assume that showbiz superstars hold raucous parties but if ever these rumours were true surely they would be with the one and only Tom Jones?

This is not the first property which Tom Jones has owned in Beverly Hills having previously lived in the red brick Tudor style mansion that once belonged to Dean Martin. There was also an interesting rumour that Tom Jones paid around $70,000 to install a special red phone box from his hometown of Pontypridd. The telephone box was fully wired and in working order – not only did he hear about his wife’s first pregnancy on the telephone but he also heard about his first grandchild. The life of Tom Jones has never been boring, he refuses to bow down to his mature years but at the end of the day, who can blame him?

Life changing

There is often a circus surrounding Tom Jones wherever he goes, with the rumours and counter rumours, but the last couple of years have been a real life changer for the crooner from Wales. It is unlikely that he will move “home” in the near future because America has been his home for many years now. He said little in public about the death of his wife but even during their ups and downs it is known that she was the rock that he always depended upon.

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