Tom Brady, from American Football to real estate investor

Tom Brady may be the darling of the New England Patriots after their record-breaking comeback in last weekend’s Super Bowl, but he is also a major player in the US real estate market. This is a man who boasts an annual income of $44 million which makes him the 15th highest paid athlete in the world. He may have had his controversies, his ups and downs but he has bounced back in the world of American Football and he has certainly been active in the world of US real estate.

Home for the Brady’s

Tom Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen who is herself one of the highest-paid models in the world. We can only imagine the combine net worth of these two although the fact they recently sold their $40 million Brentwood estate to Dr Dre shows how big they are in real estate. The 18,000 ft.² estate was sold to fund a $4.5 million customs designed new property on the east coast. While they used just over 10% of the proceeds raised to fund their new development they will only lose 4000 ft.². So, what have the celebrity couple designed for their 14,000 ft.² abode?

The Massachusetts mansion not only has its own staff quarters, but also a sun room, wine storage facilities and an extensive library overlooking the gym. This five bedroom mansion also has its own dedicated kitchen for the couple’s personal chef Allen Campbell where he can prepare their unique blend of plant-based gourmet meals. As if to rubberstamp the rising status of Tom Brady and his family he now lives next door to Bob Kraft owner of the Patriots!

Luxury condo in New York’s Tribeca

The celebrity couple were one of the first to put their name down on the list for part of the 70 Vestry development in New York’s Tribeca. This development is not yet completed and is expected to be finished in 2018 at which time the couple plan to sell their $14 million penthouse at One Madison in Flatiron. Their new $20 million apartment is around 5000 ft.² in size and boasts five bedrooms, not your stereotypical apartment!

Apparently $20 million today offers you the utmost in luxury as well as privacy together with a stunning view over Hudson River Park. The fact that these properties have been much sought-after would seem to indicate that the $20 million initial asking price could turn out to be yet another very good investment.

Investing for the future

There is no doubt that Tom Brady and his family have been and continue to be very active in the US real estate market. We all know that the life and times of a sporting superstar will never last forever and while many have blown their cash on a flamboyant lifestyle, Tom Brady seems to know the value of money. He has bought and sold a number of properties over the years with his supermodel wife and seems to value his privacy.

It will be interesting to see how the properties at 70 Vestry fair in the coming years because initial demand was very high and a $20 million investment could turn out to be extremely lucrative.

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