Shaun White buys another Malibu property

While he may be best known as a pro snowboarder and Olympic gold medallist it seems that Shaun White has big plans for his real estate portfolio. Towards the end of 2016 he acquired a Malibu house on Point Dume which has a staggering 2164 ft.². It is believed that he paid $10.75 million in an off market transaction as he continues to build his real estate portfolio. So, what recent dealings has Shaun White undertaken?

Malibu exposure

The property acquired towards the end of 2016 is a two bedroom, three bathroom property with a swimming pool and views over the Pacific Ocean. It seems that he is looking to acquire property next door to each other with another Malibu property already in the bag. His Malibu properties now cover more than 2 acres of land amid suggestions that he is “resetting” his property portfolio.

It is unclear exactly why he has chosen Malibu as the centre of his real estate portfolio but this is a man who has done extremely well so far.

Switching from Hollywood/Manhattan to Malibu

It was also revealed that in April this year Shaun White sold his Hollywood Hills contemporary property for $6.95 million. He has also placed is Manhattan penthouse on the market for $2.8 million with the combined properties going a long way to covering his recent $10 million plus outlay in Malibu.

Hollywood Hills property

It is believed that the Hollywood Hills property was acquired two years ago for $6.4 million and therefore he is looking at a potential $500,000 plus profit. This is a 4500 ft.² property with an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and extremely high ceilings. There is a spa and a pool in the backyard which will no doubt be used regularly as the property has five bedrooms, five bathrooms including a master suite which has its own private balcony. When you also throw in a wine cellar and a two car garage, it is no surprise this property sold extremely quickly.

Manhattan penthouse

The Manhattan penthouse has two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and covers 1174 ft.². In what is starting to become a signature of Shaun White’s real estate portfolio, the property has floor-to-ceiling windows, 12 foot ceilings and as you might expect stunning views over the skyline of Manhattan. This is a relatively new penthouse which was built in 2006 and is an eighth floor building. Wait for it, there is a wet bar, barbecue, gym, 24-hour doorman, 54 lap pool and a rooftop deck. Makes you wonder why he’s getting rid of it?

Resetting his portfolio

It is believed that the Malibu properties are valued in excess of $18 million which is quite a sizeable real estate portfolio by any definition. It does look as though he has “put all of his eggs in one basket” by increasing his exposure to the Malibu market but this is a market which continues to attract attention. The public perception of Shaun White is as a pro snowboarder when in reality he is much more than that. We often hear of sportspeople who blow their fortune after retiring and are left to struggle for the rest of their lives. Shaun White will not be in this category…………

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