Robert Downey Jr and his Hampton’s Windmill

Actor Robert Downey Jr has just purchased a 19th century windmill house in East Hampton which as we know is one of the most sought-after areas on Long Island, New York. This is an area packed with celebrities but we can guarantee, no matter what other celebrities have done to their homes, they will have seen nothing like this windmill property. The fact that the windmill was built in 1885 might give you the impression it was a working windmill when in reality it was never built for that. So, what was the idea behind the windmill house?

History of the property

From a distance the property is obviously dominated by the windmill structure but there are two large Cape Cod style wings joined to the windmill building. This has allowed for the creation of a seven bedroom main house which has perhaps the ultimate traditional decor but a character all of its own. The home was even used as a setting in the 1982 movie “Deathtrap” which starred Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve. In real life this is an absolutely beautiful property, the likes of which we have never seen before and are unlikely to see again. A home built around a windmill?

Home office and library

A home office and library will likely be extremely important to somebody like Robert Downey Jr who is an extremely busy investor and actor. The home office and library are situated in the windmill part of the home and decorated in neutral white although the focal point of the room is the beautiful wooden roof beams. There is great natural light in this room due to the many windows and it must be a great place to work, study and relax.

Living room

One of the many living rooms and relaxation areas opens up onto an extended outdoor seating area and swimming pool. Again, the wooden beams are visible in the roof as is the very traditional decor including eye-catching chandeliers. The decor is such that it makes you feel as though you are on holiday on the beach, striped chairs, and it is extremely spacious.

There is also a more traditional living room with a fireplace, old-fashioned wall lights and a decor and style which makes you feel as though you are at an old gentleman’s club of years gone by. The rip roaring fire catches your eye and to be honest the chairs look extremely comfortable and it wouldn’t be long before you were starting to drift off to sleep.

Dining area

The dining room table and chairs are made from extremely expensive wood and the accompanying furniture fits perfectly. This is the Cape Cod style architecture which we mentioned earlier and really fits in with the property itself and the rest of the house. It is amazing to see that the character of the property has been maintained all of the way through its life from 1885 although there has been redevelopment in some areas.


The kitchen looks like something out of the old world with slatted wooden storage facilities, dining room table and chairs, wooden floor and the obligatory kitchen island. We can also see glimpses of the latest kitchen mod cons which fit perfectly with the old style decor of the kitchen. There is lots of natural light, the room is very spacious and it must be a dream to cook in this environment.


The bedrooms are not overly filled with furniture but just enough to give it that old world feel and allow you to drift off to sleep. There are seven bedrooms in the main property and a further two in the guesthouse but we’re not talking small box rooms, we are talking about sizeable, spacious and beautifully decorated places in which to rest and sleep. Need we say more? Robert Downey Jr, take a bow, we think you have bought a real gem here!

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