What price Bob Dylan’s former Harlem home?

Even though Bob Dylan sold his Harlem home back in 2000 after spending 14 years at the property it is still known by many as “Bob Dylan’s” house. It has become an element of the tourist track in the area and while sold for just $650,000 in 2000 it is now on the market for a staggering $3.7 million. So, what do you get for $3.7 million? What does Bob Dylan’s former Harlem home have to offer?

Quiet life

While one of the best-known singers and songwriters of his era Bob Dylan led a relatively quiet life in Harlem’s Saint Nicholas Historic District. He lived in the townhouse for around 14 years and while there is no doubt his name will be mentioned in the sales paraphernalia this is a house which literally speaks for itself. While the property was acquired for $650,000 in 2000 we can only assume there have been some renovations for the asking price to reach $3.7 million in 2017 – or is this property price inflation in Harlem?

An unassuming 1900s townhouse

From a distance Bob Dylan’s former property is relatively unassuming but once you through the front door it all changes. The property itself has five bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms (yes, again there is half a bathroom!) and has been carefully renovated to preserve an array of the original features. Oak is by far and away the major feature right across the property and the six “decorative” mantle fireplaces are certainly centrepieces in each room.

The kitchen is also connected to a butler’s pantry with a wider staircase leading to a formal dining room and the living room complete with its own Juliet balcony. This perfectly illustrates the fact that the original features and design of the property have been maintained and gives an insight into how the land of gentry worked in years gone by.

Interior courtyard

Part of this captivating property is an interior courtyard which offers privacy and an area in which to entertain guests and relax. When you bear in mind you are in the middle of Harlem it is difficult to get privacy and an area in which you can entertain guests without fear of prying eyes. If we cast ourselves back to the years of Bob Dylan this area must have seen some very intense discussions with the rich and famous.

The interior courtyard adds to the whole character of the house which looks relatively unassuming from the outside but opens up to a Pandora’s box of surprises.

Fame sells

There is no doubt that Bob Dylan’s name will be plastered across some of the sales literature now the property is back up for sale. Can you imagine the premium on this property simply because Bob Dylan lived there? What would you give to walk in the footsteps of one of the most famous singer/songwriter’s of all time?

At a time when some former celebrity haunts, such as Michael Jackson’s Neverland, are facing sale price cut, there seems to be good demand for Bob Dylan’s former home. Will it reach the asking price of $3.7 million? Will we see something of a dogfight to get a slice of history?

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