Paul Teutul Senior lists his New York spread

Fans of “Orange County Choppers” and “American Choppers” will be well aware of celebrity mechanic and entrepreneur Paul Teutul Senior. Between 2002 and 2014 Paul Teutul Senior and his sons were reality TV superstars building choppers the likes of which had never been seen before. It was the on-screen chemistry, the constant bickering and the award-winning results which put Paul Teutul Senior and his family on the map. However, it seems as though his massive New York spread is getting a little too much for him in later life and it is now available for $2.9 million.

Location: Montgomery, New York

The 38 acre site includes an array of attractions which would appear to put the $2.9 million asking price in the bargain category. So, where do we start with the attractions of Paul Teutul Senior’s compound?

In the sales literature it is described as a part farm/part garage estate which includes a two-storey showcase garage, separate commercial garage both of which have an apartment above them. As if to demonstrate there is something for everybody, there is a main residence in the style of a log cabin, red barn with multiple bays and an array of outbuildings. Animals on the farm include cows, donkeys, potbellied pigs, alpacas and horses. Starting to get the idea?

Well, waterfalls, woods, meadows and a fully stocked pond are also part of the deal. A volleyball court, patios, Viking grills, hot tubs, a gazebo, pool house and spa with water features also complement the now standard swimming pool. At first glance it does seem to be a mix of everything, from commercial to leisure, and everything else in between!

Beautiful main residence

The three-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom main residence is decked out in the style of a log cabin, but a huge log cabin. It has a covered porch, games room, two story living room, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace as well as an open plan kitchen fitted with the latest in kitchen gadgets. The views from the living room are amazing, the decor is in a world of its own and everything seems to fall into place. In many ways it is like a step back in time but with an array of modern day gadgets subtly concealed out of view.

A picturesque bargain

While they say location, location, location is everything we can only assume that with a $2.9 million asking price Montgomery, New York is not an area in high demand. This property literally has everything from state-of-the-art garages, mechanical workshops, immaculately landscaped gardens, fitness facilities, a working farm and privacy/security aplenty.

We know that Paul Teutul Senior is currently working on another TV series but once this one is “in the can” he will be calling it a day. He genuinely seems to be sad to let his Montgomery property go but it looks as though he will create his own scaled-down version wherever he next plays his hat.

A mix of everything

There are few properties which offer anywhere near the mix offered by Paul Teutul Senior and his Montgomery estate. A $2.9 million asking price seems to be on the low side but we can only assume the area is not sought after. Continuous investment in the estate seems to have created something of a kaleidoscope of business and personal assets but they do come together to offer something very special.

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