Nick Carter sells California property for $4.075 million

He may be a member of the Backstreet Boys but he is certainly not backwards in coming forwards with news that Nick Carter has sold his gated property in California for $4.075 million. It is believed the property has been purchased by director Ken Fuchs having offered well under the original asking price of $4.25 million. On paper this still equates to a decent profit for Nick Carter and his wife who acquired the property for $3.65 million just two years ago. However, it is believed that significant renovations have been carried out which will eat into the paper profit.

Hidden Hills, California

The property is situated in the Hidden Hills area of California which is a gated community boasting some very beautiful homes. The views in this area are breathtaking and the only surprise is that Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter have only held onto the property for two years. However, the sales brochure has laid bare the design of this property which is spread across 1.25 acres.

Privacy guaranteed

The vast majority of celebrity real estate investors are looking for privacy and this property certainly gives that. Situated in a gated community it is only accessible via a private drive which means that very few people have had access to the property. The main two-storey home is situated on the Paradise Valley Road and offers an interesting mix of 1950s style architecture and modern amenities. The main building covers 5200 ft.² and is but a short hop skip and a jump from the estate’s outdoor swimming pool and spa.

Interestingly Nick Carter also built a brand-new guesthouse on the property which must have added something to the value. Bizarrely there is also a customised chicken coop which was designed in the style of the main property!

Inside Nick Carter’s home

When you bear in mind the property cost just over $4 million it does seem good value when you consider the footprint of the land and the fact there are five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms spread. There is an open plan layout right across both the guesthouse and the main residence which fits perfectly with the decor and furnishings. If there is one extravagance it is in the chef’s kitchen and the bathrooms where Calcutta marble countertops, which are extremely expensive, have been fitted.

The main property is dominated by a wood effect design which includes the beamed ceilings, fixtures and fittings and freshly laid wide plank hardwood floors. The master bedroom has its own fireplace, two walk-in closets, private balcony overlooking the rear of the property and a steam shower. The sliding glass doors on the ground floor open up to reveal both a covered patio and landscaped garden. The main residence, guesthouse and customised chicken coop are fairly close to each other leaving a large garden area for relaxation.

Worth a net $35 million!

Despite the fact that the Backstreet Boys have peaked with regards to their music careers, singer-songwriter Nick Carter is said to be worth a net $35 million – he has not even reached 40 years of age!

However, after years on the road he has now settled down with his wife Lauren Kitt Carter and their first child.

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