What next for the Playboy Mansion

The recent death of Hugh Hefner at the ripe old age of 91 grabbed headlines across the worldwide media. He was a controversial figure although behind the scenes he was a strong support of a variety of charities and worthwhile cause. Many will be surprised to learn that while he enjoyed his final days in the Playboy Mansion the property was actually sold back in 2016 in a $100 million deal.

Renting the Playboy Mansion

Records show that J. Daren Metropoulos acquired the Playboy mansion for $100 million in August 2016 which was a 50% reduction on the $200 million asking price at the time. Part of the deal saw Hugh Hefner allowed to live out the latter years of his life in the mansion while Playboy Enterprises paid $1 million a year to lease the property.

While J. Daren Metropoulos has refused to discuss his thoughts on the Mansion in the short term, out of respect for the Hefner family, it is thought he has big plans. Those who follow the real estate sector will be aware that J. Daren Metropoulos also owns the former home of Hugh Hefner and ex-wife Kimberly Conrad which is next door to the Playboy Mansion. He acquired his for a hefty $18 million back in 2009, a property which boasts nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms and no doubt luxury the likes of which many of us can only dream of.

Joining the two properties

There is intense speculation that J. Daren Metropoulos is looking to combine the Playboy Mansion with the former family home of Hugh Hefner next door. It is difficult to pin down exactly what the Playboy Mansion consists of because many rooms have changed use over the years. However, one listing during the lifetime of Hugh Hefner suggested the mansion has 12 bedrooms, 21 full or partial bathrooms, a wine cellar, home theatre, games house (yes house, not a games room!), swimming pool with a large cave-like grotto and its own zoo permit. Now, that is what we call a luxurious mansion!

History of the Playboy Mansion

It will surprise many to learn that the Playboy Mansion, which boasts 20,000 ft.² of living space, was built back in 1927 by Arthur R Kelly. It was originally constructed for Arthur Letts Jr, part of the family which foundered on Broadway Department Stores in the early 20th century. The property changed hands on various occasions and was eventually sold to Playboy Enterprises by Louis Statham for $1.1 million back in 1971. As they say, the rest is history!

You only need to Google the words “Playboy Mansion” to see the rumours, untruths and wild parties which were held by Hugh Hefner and his entourage over the years. Suffice to say in his latter years the parties were more social affairs, the shock factor a little less striking but Hugh Hefner certainly lived a life of which many were envious. Somehow, he took Playboy Enterprises to the mass market, acceptance by the public and it became a watchword for glamour.

The fact that he was able to live out his latter years inside the Playboy Mansion says everything about this young man in an elderly man’s body. The body may have been struggling but the mind was still as sharp as a tack – after all he bought a plot next to Marilyn Monroe which is where he will be buried!

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