Miley Cyrus returns to her Tennessee roots

While first known as a child Disney star, Miley Cyrus has not only taken the world of music by storm but she is rather adept at real estate investment. Over the last couple of years she has shelled out millions with a horse ranch in Hidden Mills and a Malibu bungalow. However, she has now returned to her Tennessee roots with the acquisition of a mansion in Franklin.

Returning home

The $5.8 million mansion is not your stereotypical celebrity haunt – instead it is more of a home with classic southern features, the type which Miley Cyrus would have grown up around. The property has five bedrooms and six bathrooms and is set within a staggering 33 acres. At first glance it seems to resemble the “Walton’s house” with a picturesque style and a traditional look.

Apparently some of the “classic southern features” include a wraparound porch, screened-in sun room and an indoor porch swing. Inside the 6869 ft.² of living space there is hardwood flooring throughout, a traditional stone fireplace and vintage ceiling beams which look beautiful. A number of rooms incorporate bare brick walls with traditional white decor colours which seem to go perfectly, adding to the rustic mood.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a sight to behold and it is difficult to know where to start! Do we start with the rustic look which is enhanced by the exposed ceiling beams? Do we highlight the rustic look of the wooden floor? Or do we look at the bare brick wall which certainly gives the finishing touch to a classic, stylish and beautifully crafted kitchen.

At first glance you will see there is more than enough space to hold a party never mind cook. The central island offers an interesting seating area from which to watch the chef work their magic in the kitchen. There are storage facilities aplenty, stylish worktops everywhere and an array of different kitchen equipment and utensils. You will want for nothing in this kitchen!


The bedrooms have a different theme from sport to classic, from music to old world and more. It is interesting that each bedroom does have its own unique style, unique furniture but they all have one thing in common, they have been finished off to the highest standards. The bathrooms are basic, in line with the style of the property, with a large old style bath in the middle of the floor and views over the garden.


There are formal and informal areas in which to relax and with the property being all open plan space is not a problem. It is not difficult to see why Miley Cyrus fell in love with this multi-million dollar property because it is unique, it is different and, perhaps best of all, Miley Cyrus is now back in her home town.

Home is where the heart is

If there was ever evidence that home is where the heart is, this $5.8 million investment by Miley Cyrus says it all. This is not your stereotypical celebrity play pad, not something out of the space age but a homely, classic and beautifully crafted mansion. Could this be the forever home that Miley Cyrus has been looking for?

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