Metallica guitarist lists property for sale at $16 million

Metallica lead guitarist and songwriter Kirk Hammett joined the luxury property jet set back in 2005 when he bought his luxury abode for a modest $5.7 million. Hammett is a man who continues to reap the rewards of his Metallica career with an array of award-winning albums and lucrative tours. So, what do you get for your $16 million?

Luxury with a view

Situated in San Francisco this luxury property offers a staggering view of the Pacific Ocean. This type of location is much sought after in today’s market hence the $16 million price tag. It will be interesting to see whether there is much interest in this property which is described as a mix of “old world and modern day architecture”. Originally built in 1922 the property offers 4200 ft.² of living space although the total development has a footprint of 6760 ft.².

Modern day celebrities value their privacy therefore it will be no surprise to learn that the property is enclosed by a privacy wall which ensures no prying eyes. So, a luxury property, with a large footprint, breathtaking views and much valued privacy – what more could you ask for?

Outside of the property

The property itself is set in a well-manicured and eye-catching garden with balconies to enhance the experience of the views. It has the feeling of a grand property, described as neoclassical, and unlike many modern day celebrity properties the cream colour is sharp but not garish. So, whether you want to enjoy the views from within the property or the extensive gardens surrounding the house the choice is yours.

Living area

As you might expect from a musical legend, there are two pianos set in a very spacious open plan living area. The panoramic views are astonishing and the mirrored wall yet again expands the look and feel of the main living area. There is a balcony section where you can sit and look over the Pacific Ocean to your hearts content in the knowledge that you are within a secure and private compound.

There is an additional living area which is dominated by a classic fireplace with red brick plinth. A spacious never-ending corner sofa ensures there is more than enough space for everybody if you are having a crowd over for the evening.

Kitchen area

The kitchen has an array of high-quality cooking equipment down one side and plenty of preparation space down the other. There is nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen with no room to move so the open plan look and feel will go down very well if you are entertaining. In the pictures provided there was also a selection of wines to suit any occasion. Overall, this large spacious kitchen makes great use of the space available.

Master bedroom

We can only imagine what it must be like waking up to ocean views to your right and straight ahead of the master bed. Again, in common with the rest of the property, this room is extremely spacious with an old-style fireplace adding that neoclassical look. Crisp in style and colour there are areas for relaxing and we can imagine it is very easy to spend hours in this room.

Will it sell?

It will be interesting to see whether there is much interest in this $16 million property which has all the hallmarks of a celebrity home. Spacious, private, breathtaking views and a mix of classic and modern day architecture certainly bring this house to life.



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