Mel Gibson hopes for better luck with sale of $17.5 million Malibu estate

Mel Gibson’s finances have been ravaged over the last few years after he was set adrift from Hollywood due to controversial comments. He recently sold a one-bedroom cottage in the Agoura Hills for $699,000 taking a significant loss on his $2.17 million acquisition back in 2007. However his Malibu mansion, on the market to $17.5 million, is a whole different ballgame.

Property spec

This gated property is close to town yet offers the privacy which celebrities crave especially in the US. The gated estate has five bedrooms and 5 ½ bathrooms in the main house with a separate guesthouse. It covers an impressive 5578 ft.² of living space and is set in 5 acres of land which is perfectly landscaped. The property itself was built back in 1996 and while located in America it has strong European influences.

Relax in style

As you would expect relaxation and sunshine have a lot to do with property designs in Malibu and Mel Gibson’s property is no different. There is a lap pool, private sun deck, smaller swimming pool, pool house and a gym. So, whether you want to take in some rays in the Malibu sunshine, keep yourself fit or chill out in the shade, the choice is yours.

Braveheart living room

The living room is a strange mixture of different styles, different colours with a Braveheart twist – the movie in which Mel Gibson starred many years ago. The fireplace is certainly ornate, the furniture old but extremely comfortable and there are double doors opening out onto the garden. The kilted figurines just above the stone fireplace tip the hat to the award-winning Braveheart movie for which Mel Gibson is still renowned.

Family room

The family room looks slightly cluttered at first glance but there is more than enough space to relax, an array of different books to read, examples of Mel Gibson’s religious beliefs on the wall and decorative windows. The chair and the sofa look extremely comfortable, the wooden floor offers an old world look as do the two decorative stand-alone chairs. Different, yes, eye-catching, yes, but extremely well designed.

Outdoor lounge

The outdoor lounge has a covered area to protect you from the sun and if you didn’t know better it looks like a hop skip and a jump back to Mel Gibson’s spiritual home of Australia. The sun, the outdoor chairs and table and the walled surround come together perfectly. We can only guess that the covered area must be a godsend during the hot Malibu days.

Difficult past in real estate

As we touched on above, Mel Gibson’s finances have struggled in recent years but he has re-emerged from his exile and is making his way back to Hollywood. However, his real estate investments to date have not performed as you might have expected having sold a Lavender Hill Farm for $9.2 million in 2012 against an initial listing price of $14.5 million, not to mention his Sherman Oaks property acquired for $2.4 million in 2009 and sold in 2017 for just $2.1 million.

While recent articles have focused on Mel Gibson’s real estate losses this is a man who was involved in some of the highest earning movies of all time, earned millions along the way and is still an extremely wealthy person. However, it is a long time since we heard of any celebrity making so many losses on their real estate investments in such a short space of time.

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