Lauren Conrad selling $4.5 million Los Angeles home

While Los Angeles has proved to be exceptionally popular for many celebrities it looks as though Lauren Conrad and her husband William Tell have had enough. Their 4300 square-foot Brentwood property was recently placed on the market with an asking price of $4.495 million. Records suggest that this is the final Los Angeles property in the real estate portfolio of Lauren Conrad and her husband who recently welcomed their first child Liam to the world.

Banking a nice profit

Records also show that the property was originally acquired back in 2013 for a price of $3.65 million. At the time the property had just undertaken a major renovation under the watchful eye of interior designer Jeff Lewis. So, banking a profit of over $800,000 for a four year investment would not be too bad!

Inside Lauren Conrad’s home

The property is sizeable to say the least with six bedrooms and five bathrooms and there is more than enough space for a large family let alone a growing family. While the plans show 4300 ft.² of living space the house itself is set on land approaching 12,000 ft.² – so the house itself uses just a fraction of the overall land.

Many people will be surprised to learn that while the house has a huge backyard and stylish patio for the outside lifestyle, there is no swimming pool. Yes, this celebrity gated $4.5 million property has no pool?

Stylish decor

Inside the property there is an enormous kitchen with white stone worktops, white wood cabinets and stainless steel oven. There is also the option to eat on the “kitchen island” or use the more formal dining facilities in the property. Throughout the home you will notice the dark wooden floors, French doors and a traditional/stylish wood-burning fireplace. On one hand you have a modern property which seems to incorporate both modern decor and stylish/traditional elements – interesting.

Lauren Conrad and William Tell’s real estate portfolio

There is no doubt this celebrity couple has been extremely active in the US real estate market in recent years. They currently own two beachfront properties in Laguna Beach one of which is worth $3 million and the other worth a staggering $8.5 million. Over the years they have sold a five bedroom property in Los Angeles for $4.75 million, a Beverly Hills penthouse condo for $2.8 million and a Spanish-style Hollywood property for $2 million (a loss of around $360,000). So, while the celebrity couple may be leaving Los Angeles they are certainly not homeless!

Over the last few years we have seen a growing trend among celebrity real estate investors to upsize and downsize when the opportunity arises. While a celebrity name will obviously attract attention to a property sale it is worth noting that the Spanish-style Hollywood property was sold at a loss because of paparazzi intrusion into their private lives.

What next for the celebrity couple?

It will be interesting to see whether Lauren Conrad and her husband first of all achieve the asking price for their Brentwood property and what they do next. Do they have the confidence to reinvest in the US real estate market in the current economic climate? Will politics play a part in the US property market with Donald Trump promising, but yet to deliver, a new era for real estate?

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