Kendall Jenner to sell Los Angeles condo

If the rumours are right then Kendall Jenner, the popular model, is looking to sell her Los Angeles condo because “there is not enough closet space”. She made this rather bizarre comment on her blog some months ago and many now believe she is selling up so she can find somewhere bigger. So, what does this Los Angeles condo have to offer and what is the asking price?

Yours for just $1.6 million

When you bear in mind that Kendall Jenner is just 21 years old and has another property aside from her Los Angeles condo, she is not doing too badly. This particular property, situated on Wilshire Boulevard, is a corner unit in a luxury building. It has two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms (why do they always quote half a bathroom?) and floor space of 2068 ft.². The property itself was bought for $1.4 million back in 2014 and is currently on the market of $1.6 million which would crystallise a small profit.

There are a number of features to the property which include the large open plan floor space, high ceilings, hardwood floors and the array of large windows which look over the city skyline. As condos go it is not too bad!

Onwards and upwards

While the potential to bank a $200,000 profit on her purchase price is neither here nor there in the world of celebrity property, this is not the sum total of Kendall Jenner’s property portfolio. As you would guess, from the world of celebrity, there are rumours and counter rumours but we do know that her main property was broken into earlier this year which is obviously not a good experience. She is currently in a relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky and said to be looking for a new property.

Her main abode is valued at around $6.5 million although her next abode could well be in the $15 million bracket. There are strong suggestions she is looking to up sticks from her current property, as well as selling the condo, and investing $15 million in a new home on the Westside of Los Angeles. This is certainly a big step up from a $1.2 million condo to a $6.5 million home and then a potential $15 million investment!

Celebrity lifestyle

While many may snigger at Kendall Jenner’s various comments regarding “closet space” the fact is she can afford to pick and choose her properties. Many also forget that she is still only 21 years of age and on the verge of investing $15 million into a new home. We can only guess that the next property will have more than enough closet space, a lack of clothing rails and huge walk-in wardrobes.

The fact that she seems to have been spooked by the break-in in early 2017 is no laughing matter. We often look at the world of celebrity property investors with envy at the amount they have at their fingertips. However, how many of us would swap our lives for their long-term lifestyle, invasions of privacy and the fact that many of them have to constantly look over their shoulders?

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