Ken Nahoum to sell his $20 million SoHo residence

While Ken Nahoum may not be a name that is similar to everybody this is a man who has photographed Hollywood royalty and has a reputation for style and class. He created a three penthouse combo in Manhattan’s SoHo district which is the epitome of style and fashion.

This is a man who counts the likes of Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Johnny Cash, Cher and Mandy Moore as friends. It is believed that Ken Nahoum moved into the Greene Street property in the mid-1980s when it was first converted into a condo and from 1999 onwards he began to buy up various penthouses.

$20 million of style and class

When we tell you that there are 8200 ft.² of interior living space and a staggering 4000 ft.² of outdoor terraces, you might be able to get an idea of the size of the property. The 4000 ft.² of outdoor terraces is bigger than many celebrity haunts!

While the property itself is a “classic cast-iron” structure it consists of penthouse PHA, PHB and PHE together with a rooftop section. After a somewhat acrimonious split with his former girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Basia Milewicz, they came to a settlement at which point Ken Nahoum bought her out of the property and took full control.

One large unit

Aside from the 8200 ft.² of living space, 4000 ft.² of outdoor terraces it would appear there is a further 2000 ft.² which has yet to be fully utilised. When we tell you that the ceilings are 36 feet high and there are 24 foot glass windows giving breathtaking views over SoHo you might begin to get an idea of the property. When you also consider there is a set of 9 foot wide antique doors, imported from Paris, and an 85 foot long living room with exquisite flooring and designer wall decor, again this might help to set the scene.

We can only guess that the central heating system/air condition costs a fortune to run in this loft style residence which has skylights and exposed brickwork throughout. You really have to see it to believe it!

Beautiful stairways

There is a long tower flowing through the property which incorporates a very stylish see-through staircase with wooden floors. As you swing open the antique entrance doors there is a picture of what looks like a Harley-Davidson parked on the floor and a pool table in the background.

The huge windows dominate the property and we can safely say that the curtains must have cost a fortune in themselves. A stylish fireplace, artwork throughout, top of the range furniture and enough chairs to host a party are all prominent throughout each room. Some of the furniture is antique wood which contrasts perfectly with the colourful luxury sofas and the old style fireplaces.

Kitchen and dining area

The dining area for one could boast a huge part in itself and it looks more like a luxury hotel than it does a home. Many of the rooms are dominated by cream walls and dark brown windows together with dark brown furniture and similar coloured flooring. However, the beautiful designer chandeliers take centre stage in the dining area.

The kitchen is the size of a large living room with an informal eating area, traditional kitchen island and more than enough equipment and space to hold a party never mind cook for one. There are an array of glass cupboards, designer pottery, storage facilities and as you would expect, the latest in kitchen equipment. There is not a room in the house which will disappoint you.

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