Keeping up with the Kardashians studio home up for sale

It is difficult to keep up with the life and times of the Kardashians whether watching the TV programme or reading about their very eventful lives in the press. When Bruce and Kris Jenner supposedly took up residence in the Italian style Calabasas home featured on the programme everything seemed to fit nicely. However, it now turns out that the property was not located in Calabasas and was actually a studio property used sparingly for the programme. However, sitting on almost 1 acre of land in the Fryman Estates community of Studio City the property is now up for sale for an impressive $9 million.

Security and TV

The fact that the Jenners never actually lived in the Studio City property was a secret held by the producer of the show for security reasons. It was however interesting that the Kardashian family homes were correctly identified as located in Calabasas yet for some reason the Jenners home was shrouded in mystery. Then again, the TV producers were only giving fans of the show what they wanted and little details such as the true location of one of the properties have not exactly caused any heartbreak.

What do you get for $9 million?

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The property in question has a 7800 ft.² footprint with an impressive seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a two story foyer and a screening room. It also has indoor and outdoor kitchens, a saltwater swimming pool and billiards room in which you can relax. This certainly is an exquisite property and when you take into account the hand plastered Venetian walls with murals by artist Giorgio Tuscani perhaps it is not so bad after all!

It is interesting to learn that the property has also appeared in other HBO shows such as “True Blood” and “Rome”. The actual address of the property is 11947 Iredell Street and official record show it was last sold in 2005 for a price of $5.2 million. It would then appear that the property was relisted back in 2014 for $6.25 million although it was subsequently taken off the market before any sale could be completed. It has made a re-appearance for a staggering $9 million but then again it now has a story to tell!

Inside 11947 Iredell Street

The property looks absolutely amazing from the outside with plenty of manicured lawns, shrubs, a two-storey mansion and a lighting effect which immediately grabs your attention. When you step inside the property it does feel as though you are stepping into a whole different world!

Once you step inside the property you are immediately hit by the array of expensive statues and furniture not to mention the beautiful wooden floor and stairs to the next level. There are also ornamental gates into a relaxation area and this is only the start. Moving into the living room there are top of the range chairs and sofas aplenty, artwork hanging from the walls and decor which does take you back to a different era. Even the ceilings have their own specific deco and no area is left to look bland with different colours, different textures and different styles of decor which will take your breath away.

The master bedroom is highly decorated to say the least with top of the range furniture and a beautiful master bed. There is also a fireplace together with an array of storage facilities and a surprising number of candles. The exact location of the property and its use in the Kardashians program may have deflected somewhat from the quality, the look and the feel of the property itself. It is absolutely breathtaking!

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