The Jane Fonda property sale tour

We have seen some strange things in the world of property but the idea of Jane Fonda offering a personal tour of her property is just bizarre. The 7100 ft.² Trousdale Estate home is on the market for a whopping $13 million but the two-time Oscar-winning actress is certainly giving potential buyers the soft, medium and the hard sell!

What do you get for $13 million?

For $13 million you get a whopping 7100 ft.², four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a sensational view of Beverly Hills. Vital for the world of those with superstar status there are no easy vantage points for the paparazzi to spy on you thereby securing extreme privacy. You will also get yourself a glass elevator, gym, media room with a full bar, chefs kitchen not to mention three fire features outside the property and a “meditation garden with fountain”.

For those interested in the eco-friendly properties of today you will be glad to know that this particular property has photovoltaic electric panels, thermal glass windows, bamboo floors and motorised shades. This is just a glimpse of the home of Jane Fonda and her record producer partner Richard Perry.

Why does Jane Fonda want to leave her property?

Despite the fact that Miss Fonda waxes lyrical about the $13 million abode she has indeed decided to jump ship, but why? While Jane Fonda and her partner are now in their 70s the 36,000 ft.² plot can take some looking after. It seems that they are now looking at a more sedate lifestyle although they will be staying in the Beverly Hills area, which goes without saying.

It will be interesting to see whether the $13 million price tag is fulfilled and what kind of interest this attracts bearing in mind Jane Fonda herself is doing much of the marketing. It is unclear at this moment in time exactly what the couple paid for the property but we can guess they are sitting on a significant profit when you consider the buoyant Beverly Hills property market.

Is this a sign of things to come?

We have seen many different marketing techniques in the world of real estate but a personal tour of the property by a lady with the stature of Jane Fonda are few and far between. While some might suggest the Hollywood superstar is using her status to get her property noticed, why shouldn’t she?

It is a little surprising to see this personal touch especially when you bear in mind the number of celebrity properties which change hands behind-the-scenes. Is it the market? Is it the Trump effect? Or does Jane Fonda simply want to squeeze the best price out of her, let’s face it, luxury home?

While Jane Fonda is not the only superstar to have given a personal marketing angle to her property sale, she is by far the most high-profile of late. Perhaps the only downside of this person approach is the flurry of interest from fans with no intention of buying the property but very interested in their idol. Time will tell!



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