Inside the Miami Beach home of Miami Heat star Hassan Whiteside

It seems that Miami Heat, a very popular basketball team, is having a real impact upon areas of the US real estate market. While we recently covered Tyler Johnson’s attempt to flip his property for a $400,000 profit, it seems that teammate Hassan Whiteside is more than happy in his $7.3 million Miami Beach home. He bought the property in August 2016 and we have been able to take a look inside.

The property stats

Before we begin to look at the property it is worth noting that in June 2016 Hassan Whiteside signed a four-year contract worth $98 million. He is one of Miami Heat’s star players and it looks as though he has a property to go with that status. His Miami Beach home, full address 528 Lakeview Court, has 5406 ft.² of living space and six bedrooms. While he managed to acquire the property for $7.3 million it is worth noting that in February 2016 it was listed at a staggering $13 million!

Special features

It is difficult to know where to start with this property because it has so much to offer in the shape of a gourmet kitchen, summer kitchen, cabana, guesthouse with private entrance and staff quarters. Overall the property covers 17,676 ft.² so it is safe to assume there is more than enough space in which to relax. While the property has a swimming pool, as you would expect, you might be surprised to learn it has its own large docking area. Yes, a dock on Miami Beach!

Living area

With so much living space and so much land this property literally has everything and views to die for. One of the rooms in which you can relax has a large television, complemented by large glass double doors leading onto the patio area, and in the background you can see a pool table. The open plan design of the property ensures there is plenty of natural light because 90% of the walls are glass.

Pool deck

As we touched on above, the property has its own swimming pool (as you would expect) but this is something different and looks more like a swimming pool you would find at a luxury hotel. The pool itself is cordoned off with various areas of decking and there are sheltered areas as well as areas to relax in the sun and grab some rays. Just over the top of the swimming pool we can see the dock which comes with the property – not something that you see every day…..

Kitchen area

At first glance the kitchen looks minimalistic with an extremely large kitchen island and what seem to be fairly bland and blank walls. However upon further investigation you will see the array of storage facilities, top of the range kitchen equipment and some very stylish barstool chairs on which to sit. This kitchen has the look of a TARDIS, there is more to it than meets the eye!


The bedrooms in the property are minimalistic when it comes to furniture but spacious, airy and have tremendous views. Sometimes it is the little touches which make a difference such as the hidden wardrobes, luxury bed with padded headboard not to mention extremely expensive “rug” across the floor. Whether you want to relax in the corner, catch a few Z’s in your bed or just look out of the window, the choice is yours. Hassan Whiteside, take a bow.

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