Gloria Steinem’s creeping takeover of Upper East Side apartment block!

Described as a feminist and writer, Gloria Steinem is continuing her creeping takeover of her Upper East Side apartment block in New York City. The building itself is situated at 118 East 73rd Street and Steinem has a history with this building which goes back more than 50 years. New York City records show that she has acquired a “walk-up” on the third floor of the building to complement her duplex apartment on floors one and two. Yes, Gloria Steinem owns the first two floors of this building!

Estate of Mary Ann Madden

The third floor “walk-up” has been sold by the estate of Mary Ann Madden who was in charge of the New York magazine’s puzzle page for 40 years. Madden and Steinem both rented apartments in the building back in the 1960s before it became a cooperative arrangement in the 1970s. It was the cooperative arrangement which changed everything for Gloria Steinem offering the opportunity for an excellent long-term real estate purchase.

New York City was struggling in the 1970s

The five apartment blocks in the building sold for just $24,000 each back in the 1970s when New York was “tanking” and there was very little appetite for real estate. It was during this period that Gloria Steinem decided to buy the first two floors of the building and converted them into her very own duplex. When you bear in mind she has just paid $1.1 million for a “walk-up” we can only guess what her duplex department is worth today.

Location, location, location

The “multifamily brownstone apartment building” was built back in 1910 and is located just between Park and Lexington Avenues. Interestingly New York City records show that the original asking price of the apartment which Gloria Steinem has just acquired was $975,000 but was eventually sold for $1.1 million. This would seem to indicate there is healthy demand for property in the area and the creeping takeover of the building by Gloria Steinem continues!

What do you get for $1.1 million?

The apartment which was the home of Mary Ann Madden for many years has not been updated for some time. The foyer is relatively small in size but it has amazing 16 foot ceilings, offering more than enough space for photographs and memorabilia. The bathroom also has a rustic look to it with a simple pedestal sink, white tiles and bath/shower combo. If it sound as though we are not exactly selling the property, wait until you see the living areas!

One of the living areas has wooden floors, an abundance of natural light, two fireplaces and while it would be wrong to say it is sparsely populated with furniture, there is more than ample space. Again, this does give the impression of an era of years gone by and will likely need significant modernisation. There is a tight corridor leading to the kitchen which is again basic with laminate and butcher block counters – but this fits in perfectly with the theme of the apartment.

Relax in peace and quiet

The large living area again offers an array of natural light, an abundance of bookcases, an old-fashioned fireplace and it looks like a place where you could relax in peace and quiet. There is no doubt that the property could do with some tender loving care and updating but even as it is, with Gloria Steinem looking to use it as a guest apartment, there is a quaintness and a beauty about it. It looks like one of those properties which have not been touched for decades but it could also be a contemporary design for a modern day apartment.

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