Former home of Ann Rutherford listed at $39.9 million

Even though the “Gone with the Wind” star has not been associated with the Beverly Hills property since her death in 2012, it is still commonly referred to as “The Rutherford House”. While the property has a history going back to 1938, for many people it is the connection with Ann Rutherford and her second husband William Dozier which makes it special. Even though Ann Rutherford was best known for her role as Carreen O’Hara in the movie, her second husband was actually the creator of the 1960s “Batman” TV series. So, what one half of the marriage can boast the other can equal or better!

The history of Anne Rutherford’s Greenway Drive mansion

As we touched on above, the mansion has a history which goes back to 1938 when it was built for the then Beverly Hills mayor and real estate developer Edward Paul Dentzel. It was eventually acquired by Ann Rutherford and her husband, becoming a family home until her untimely death in 2012. Interestingly, records show that in 2013 the property was sold for $7.55 million to mortgage guru Mark Cohen and his wife via a business trust. So, you might ask yourself how does a property valued at $7.55 million in 2013 demand a listing price in 2017 of $39.9 million?

Multi-million dollar redevelopment

In reality we are not comparing like-for-like when looking at the property today compared to that acquired in 2013. We know from Richard Manion Architecture that the property was significantly expanded adding family space, master suite, pool house, gym and spa, staff quarters and rooms for entertainment. We are not talking a quick spruce up of the paintwork and a flipping of the property, we’re talking about a major redevelopment.

We also know from official records that the property today has more than 10,000 ft.² of living space and comes with 10 bathrooms and five bedrooms. There is a bar, library, billiards room not to mention a dining area and numerous living rooms. The sales literature confirms that the place is adorned with 1920s and 1930s fixtures and fittings from an array of European/Parisian artists. Indeed we also know that the “Morning Room” has Chinese wallpaper which is more than 200 years old and the windows are made of wood and steel casements. This is not your stereotypical redevelopment mansion as this house has history, stature and has been brought into the modern day.

A busy time at the mansion

Ann Rutherford and her husband were extremely sociable hosts and we know that the likes of Jack Jones, Jill St John, Tammy Grimes and Jeremy Slate were allowed to hold their weddings at the enormous home. It is interesting that nearly 5 years after the death of Ann Rutherford it is still referred to as “The Rutherford House”.


While a large portion of the increase in capital value, from $7.55 million back in 2013 to a phenomenal $39.9 million in 2017, will be a direct result of the redevelopment, there will also be a natural uplift in the value. This is a home which has a history, a reputation and a character – how many homes do you come across with Chinese wallpaper more than 200 years old?

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