Donald Trump criticised for talking with real estate developer

In many ways Donald Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Only this week he has attracted significant criticism after his son-in-law, currently helping to run his businesses, was “caught” chatting with a Chinese real estate investor. Donald Trump himself is also believed to have met with investment partner Stephen Roth, a man who owns 70% of two Trump buildings. So, is this a sign of things to come for Donald Trump?

Business is business

While Donald Trump promised the American nation that he would take a step back from his business interests and hand over control to family members, this will not happen overnight. Quite how giving his investment partner the courtesy of a meeting last Friday was somehow wrong is difficult to believe. This is a man who has millions of dollars invested in Trump properties and is obviously a little concerned about the short to medium term direction of his investments as the man himself takes a step back.

It is also worth noting that during his time as president Donald Trump will come across an array of different investors many of whom will have real estate interests. Is he supposed to take a step back from these meetings? Are all investors out of bounds?

Let’s be practical

Even though Donald Trump has effectively taken a step back from his day-to-day business operations there is no way he can really withdraw unless he sells-up. The legal minefield of his existing joint ventures, developments, etc will take some time to unravel and let’s not forget the third parties involved. In the rush to push Donald Trump away from his real estate business it seems that his investment partners have been thrown to one side to the potential detriment of their investments.

The likelihood is that Donald Trump’s presidency will be dominated by his business interests whether he actually has any day-to-day involvement or not. If he talks to someone in a specific state then the critics will look at his investments in that area so really he is on a hiding to nothing.

Why not use his experience?

In reality Donald Trump is the most unpopular president the USA has ever seen. Whatever he does there will be critics and if he gives in to his critics then his supporters will turn against him and so on. Perhaps we are missing the point when discussing a man who has the experience and the investment know how of Donald Trump. Instead of criticising his investment decisions, his businesses and his day-to-day involvement, why not embrace his experience to the benefit of investment markets?

For the first time in decades we have a president who has a strong business track record, if sometimes controversial, and is able to read real estate markets extremely well. A number of polls released over the last few days suggest there is growing optimism in the US real estate market specifically because Donald Trump is involved. When you bear in mind that real estate is an integral part of daily life for many American families, and a massive part of the overall economy, are we not in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater?


Whatever Donald Trump does he will have his critics, they will never let him relax and every decision he makes, or doesn’t make, will be headline news. It is a shame that the experience and the skills of the incoming president look like being overshadowed by his controversial personality. If this is the case, the greatest loss will be felt by US investors, employment markets and the business arena as a whole.

Why not let Donald Trump use his business skills to strengthen the economy and, only then, if he does make mistakes, then he has to pay the price?

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