Debbie Reynolds ranch and dance studio for sale

Those closest to Debbie Reynolds knew she would never get over the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher and unfortunately she passed away just one day after her daughter. Prior to her death in 2016 the family ranch, located in Creston, California, had been up for sale at $4.8 million but was withdrawn in June. The ranch will now be sold off at auction along with her dance studio on Lankershim Boulevard in October according to records released by auction house Profiles in History.

Ranch in Creston, California

The ranch was Debbie Reynolds’ pride and joy having lived there for more than 20 years, enjoying the later years of her life. It is an enormous development set across 44 acres of land which includes a main house, guesthouse, caretaker’s cottage, art studio and a barn. There is also a 10,000 ft.² support building with workshops as well as a 6000 ft.² film and television production studio. At this moment in time there is no guide price on the ranch but insiders expect it to fetch between $4 million and $6 million.

Main house

When you bear in mind the main house has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, which includes two master suites, you begin to get an idea of the size of the property. There is also a library, gym as well as a custom-built theatre room which houses 20 people. There is also a “country inspired” kitchen and at first glance the property does remind you of “the Walton’s house”.

Picturesque, private the ranch also comes with an array of irrigated pastures, a spring fed pond and four wells. The auction paperwork also confirms that the ranch has water rights, which is fairly unique in the area.

Dance studio

Debbie Reynolds was extremely keen to give something back to the youth of today and with a guide price of between $6 million and $8 million, we can only assume this must be a huge dance studio. The business was started by Debbie Reynolds back in 1979 and now covers 19,000 ft.² of floor space set across six parcels of property covering one acre in total. There is a lounge, dressing rooms, showers not to mention six studios and parking a plenty at the rear of the property.

There are hopes that the dance business will continue under new management but concerns that it will be difficult to find anyone with the kind of money and passion required. While Debbie Reynolds maintained her passion and drive until her death at the age of 84, one day after that of her daughter Carrie Fisher, she was renowned as a “special lady” who gave much to the local community.

Guide prices

The two properties are expected to raise a combined figure of anywhere between $10 million and $14 million. There will be reserve prices for both sales but at this moment in time those figures have not been agreed. There is no doubt this combined sale will grab the attention of investors around the world although the story behind it is heartbreaking to say the least.

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