Crime pays for Judge Judy and her real estate portfolio

There are very few people in the USA and indeed the UK who have never heard of Judge Judy and her popular courtroom “drama”. There is a similar program in the UK but Judge Judy was the first to spot this market and it has paid handsomely. As a consequence of her on screen success Judge Judy has built herself a real estate portfolio in the millions.

Court TV

Judge Judy’s programs are affectionately known as “Court TV” and while her original program is syndicated right across the US she also has a very popular new program called “Hot Bench”. While nobody is quite sure what Judith Susan “Judy” Sheindlin (to give Judge Judy her full title) earns from her programs she has certainly built up a great real estate portfolio.

Naples penthouse

We can only imagine the experience of spending time in Judge Judy’s Naples penthouse which is valued at more than $11 million. The property has four bedrooms and an enclosed lagoon which is certainly a first on this website. While we do not have any images of the property this does kind of set the scene.

Naples family mansion

We are starting to get the impression Judge Judy has a soft spot for Naples as property number two is an $8.6 million extended family friendly mansion which is less than 1 mile from her Naples penthouse. It must be a dilemma where to spend the evening when you have the choice between a family mansion and a penthouse just down the road!

Greenwich primary residence

Judge Judy’s primary residence is a Greenwich manor which has an astonishing nine bedrooms and sits on 12.5 acres of land. This property is conservatively valued at around $13 million and is her primary residence. There are not many properties which can claim 12.5 acres of prime Greenwich real estate!

Beverly Hills condo

It seems that all of the rich and famous have a condo in Beverly Hills and Judge Judy is no different. This $10.7 million 5 bedroom condo is situated at The Montage and is the perfect stopping off point when Judge Judy’s travels take her to Los Angeles.

New York duplex

Situated on Upper East Side Sutton Place Judge Judy’s New York duplex is valued at around $8.5 million. This four bedroom property would appear to be well used and offers the perfect bolt hole when the family fancy a city living experience.

So, there we have it crime does seem to pay as Judge Judy has amassed a real estate fortune which tops the $50 million mark. It is also believed that the TV star travels by private jet when filming her Judge Judy series and she did once own a 152 foot yacht – although this was sold for a staggering $6.9 million.

Judge Judy is a lady who knows how to play the TV reality shows, invest in real estate and enjoy the finer things in life. She comes across as so down-to-earth on her Court TV programme but behind that welcoming smile lurks a business lady who has amassed a real estate fortune from her blossoming TV career.

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