Celebrity chef Paula Deen struggling to sell Savannah mansion

While generally the name of a celebrity will have them flocking to a house, it seems as though celebrity chef Paula Deen is struggling to sell her Savannah mansion. Initially the property was listed at $12.5 million in 2015 then reduced to $10 million in September 2016 and now it is down to $8.75 million. This is prime real estate with some beautiful views and it is somewhat surprising that it has not yet attracted any real interest.


It seems as though the trend in Savannah, Georgia, is to name their properties and this is a trend which Paula Deen has followed naming her house “Riverbend”. The property is situated on a high cliff overlooking the Wilmington River. When you find out that the property comprises of 5.5 acres, 300 feet of water frontage and has some exquisite landscaping, then maybe it is understandable this is a multi-million dollar property.

French Caribbean style

The main property was custom-built with a French Caribbean style and a footprint of more than 14,500 ft.². When you bear in mind that Paula Deen is one of America’s best-known celebrity chefs you will not be surprised to learn it has two kitchens. Kitchen number one is the main area built in a classic country design with a huge copper hood. The second kitchen is outdoors and perfect for barbecues with three grills, a smoker and, wait for it, four refrigerators. Between the main kitchen indoors and the second kitchen outdoors where do you start?

This is not your stereotypical celebrity home with a family room complete with a saltwater aquarium and an aviary to house the chef’s parrot collection. The master suite is a sight to behold with a huge bath with sitting area, French doors opening up onto a private terrace with beautiful views, walk-in closet and a dressing room.

Guest cottages

You might be surprised to learn that there are also two guest cottages on the property, a 10,000 ft.² barn, garage which can fit eight cars together with a dock house. What is described as a “dive in theatre” dominates the pool which has its own pop-up movie screen. If you are partial to a game of croquet you will be catered for or whether you want to relax watching the fish in the stock pond there will be something for everybody to do.

Will the property sell?

The property also has an immaculately manicured garden and therefore it is a bit of a mystery as to why there is little interest at the moment. Could this be a reflection of the US real estate market and ongoing political concerns? Is the property simply overpriced? Or are buyers waiting in the wings to grab a bargain?

When you bear in mind the $12.5 million asking price in 2015 would have been the price “at the time” it is amazing to see a drop to $8.75 million in a relatively short space of time. A near $4 million price reduction is no laughing matter.

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