Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis buy beautiful beach house

While at this moment in time there is no confirmation of the price, we know that Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis have together bought a beautiful beach house in Carpinteria which is just a couple of hours from Beverly Hills. This new property is quite literally two properties in one with the main residence and the second cottage all included. The fact it is just two hours from the couple’s main Beverly Hills residence means it is well within driving distance for a long weekend or even a night away. So, what does the new property have to offer?

Ocean views everywhere

The property itself is designed and decorated in a “classic California coastal style” which is bright and breezy and described as “picture perfect” in the brochure. There is a total of 288 m² of living space between the two properties with the main house a two-level building (185 m²) and the single level cottage (103 m²). While the two-level building is obviously the main residence it is perhaps the cottage which is attracting most attention – this lies literally on the beach!

Inside the main house

As you’d expect with a beach style property, the main house is all open plan with light decor colours. There are white oak floors, white walls and the second level of the property has a vaulted ceiling, large fireplace and walls of glass, yes, literally walls of glass. These glass walls open out onto a balcony which looks over the rest of the property and far across the ocean. Quite literally, from every angle of the property you can see the ocean which must be an amazing sight.

The master bedroom has an ensuite and again views over the ocean to bring that relaxation and calmness to any stay. This is not your stereotypical, bright coloured, in your face decor, this is subtle and welcoming – obviously a place where you come to get away from everything. While the master bedroom has the best views over the ocean, to be honest, each of the bedrooms offers fantastic views and a light, airy and relaxing atmosphere. Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis you have exquisite taste!

The smaller cottage

The “smaller cottage” towards the bottom end of the property is literally a hop skip and a jump and you are into the ocean. It is a picturesque one floor property with exceptional views, perfectly manicured lawns and a decking area from which you can entertain all of your guests. This property alone must be worth a fortune when you consider the views and we wait with anticipation confirmation of the actual sale price.

One interesting fact about the smaller cottage is its dolls house like appearance and the fact that there are bunk beds in the bedrooms. Yes, it seems that celebrities and their families like to get back to basics with a good old-fashioned bunkbed, a sofa and traditional bedroom furniture. So, roll up roll up for your stay at Aston Kutcher’s place but make sure to bag your bedroom early or you might end up on the top bunk!

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