Anibal Sanchez bailing out of his Michigan home for $1.9 million

He may now be the ex-Detroit Tigers star but there will be few tears shed for Anibal Sanchez whose contract was not extended with the baseball giants. The Tigers had the option of extending his contract with a $16 million one-year option but politely decline. However, with a $5 million buyout fee, and a good chance he will be taken on by another MLB team, we don’t think that Anibal Sanchez will be scratching around the back of his sofa to make ends meet. However, he has decided to bail out on his Michigan home which is on the market from $1.9 million.

Michigan mansion

Once we tell you the property has 5253 ft.² of living space, five bedrooms, six bathrooms and two half bathrooms, you will get an idea of how the other half live. Situated close to downtown Birmingham’s shops and restaurants and just a hop skip and a jump from Comerica Park there will be no shortage of interest in this property. It was originally built in 2005 and boasts an array of eye-catching styles, rooms and decor.

Outside view

A turret, Tudor style windows and immaculate garden all surrounded by trees for privacy, we can’t imagine this property will be on the market for long at just $1.9 million. It is the mix of decor, open plan design and the homely feel which make it stand from many celebrity properties which tend to have the owners “stamp”.

Beautiful old style kitchen

The kitchen offers some beautiful views across the grounds, old style wooden cupboards and draws all complemented perfectly by the light brown wooden floor. It does have your stereotypical celebrity island but this is more like a table which fits perfectly with the kitchen design. A rather large chandelier hangs from the ceiling with a fairly unique design and what look like two fairly powerful lights!

Dining area

The dining area really is a sight to behold and looks more like a banquet chamber than a stereotypical dining room. Again, the flooring is light brown wood, there are views aplenty across the grounds, the table is a simple yet stylish distressed wood design with an array of benches and chairs. The wall decorations in this room are very eye-catching and stylish as is the traditional style chandelier, which hangs from the ceiling. As we said, this is more like a state function room than a dining room.

Memorabilia room

Every celebrity sports star has to have one room where they can show off their memorabilia and yes, Anibal Sanchez has such a room. The traditional stone mantelpiece compliments the writing desk and there is one large sofa and two comfortable chairs in which to relax. The high definition television is located just above the mantelpiece and the walls of this room tell you who the current owner is. Well, he worked hard to get there so why shouldn’t he showcase himself?

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is all cream and pastoral colours, and looks more like an old style princesses lair with an ornate window, large dressing mirror, stylish furniture with two large windows and two smaller ones above the bedding letting in ample light. This style is very different to the rest of the house but it still manages to catch that homely, comfortable and classy look.

The wine cellar

This property also has a huge wine cellar with a very interesting exposed stone brickwork design. We can only imagine that between vital high-pressure games, Anibal Sanchez and his partner might have enjoyed the odd glass or two of wine. There is certainly enough space to supply a large party for a few days!

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