Taggart’s old house available for £430,000

TV detective Taggart is still extremely popular today even though actor Mark McManus died back in 1994. Jim Taggart was moody, difficult to read but he was extremely successful at solving crimes. So, when you bear in mind the reputation of the program it was a surprise to learn that current owner William McGregor was not aware of the building’s history when he moved there in 1989. So, what is so special about Taggart’s TV home?

Famous properties

Even though the detective was of obviously fictional he is something of a celebrity in the Giffnock area of Glasgow. While the TV programme gives the impression of a relatively small suburban bungalow this is most certainly not the case. There are five bedrooms spread over two levels and the house is far larger than you might assume. There is still an extremely strong Scottish theme throughout the property with tartan carpets highly visible.

The bungalow, which is situated on Percy Drive, is still a strong talking point with the local community with many asking the current owner “if there has been a murder”. This was something of a catchphrase from the Taggart TV programme which has outlived its main star!

Offers over £430,000

When looking to sell a property it does no harm to have a celebrity background with current owner William McGregor looking for offers in excess of £430,000. This “back story” will be especially appreciated in light of the current Scottish property market which is struggling to shake off concerns about yet another referendum and the fact the economy is lagging the rest of the UK.

Various areas of the house have featured heavily in some of the Taggart episodes which are still regularly screened today. The property certainly gives a lived in feel with a heavy focus on striking wooden doors and wooden floors. A quick glimpse of the property from the outside does not do it justice and it would be difficult to realise without further investigation that there are indeed five bedrooms.

Jim Taggart

There is no doubt that the connection to fictional detective Taggart will have had a significant impact upon the properties visibility now it is up for sale. The simple fact is that increased visibility improves competition for a property and should ultimately assist in obtaining the best price possible. It is ironic that the lead actor in the show died back in 1994 but his character still lives on in the local community.

It will be interesting to see whether the current owner is able to obtain the asking price especially when you bear in mind the current market conditions. The owners have occupied the property since 1989 and while a perfectly pleasant family home it is likely that a buyer would want to put a more modern stamp on the house.

Scottish property market

As we touched on above, at this moment in time the Scottish property market is showing some signs of life but still lags the rest of the UK. Political shenanigans with regards to do a forthcoming referendum on independence and concerns about the UK leaving the European Union have not helped Scotland. It is difficult to see any strong recovery in the Scottish economy, and as a consequence the Scottish property market, until we have a clearer path in relation to the future of the UK.




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