Raheem Sterling purchases property with his football millions

Manchester City superstar Raheem Sterling, acquired from Liverpool for a staggering £49 million, has revealed his new £3.1 million Cheshire home. This is not the first time the footballer has ventured into the multi-million pound property market but his new home, just outside Crewe, has some interesting facilities. The initial photographs of the property are void of the garish colours and designs many footballers have been famed for. So, what does Raheem Sterling’s new pad boast?

Plenty of space!

The five bedroomed 7500 ft.² property is set in 5 acres of countryside and just under an hour’s drive to the footballer’s Manchester City training facilities. The winger, who earns a staggering £180,000 a week, opted for this property after recently moving out of a £3 million rented mansion in Wilmslow, Cheshire. There is no doubt that the football superstar has settled down into life in one of the most luxurious parts of the UK – the centre of the UK champagne drinking fraternity!

While many footballers go for garish colours and “unique” designs the new home of Raheem Sterling, his partner and children boasts its own wildlife pond. This is certainly something different to the party lifestyle enjoyed by many footballers.

History of property investment

Despite his relatively young 22 years of age Raheem Sterling is fairly experienced in the property market. During his time in Liverpool he acquired a £1.2 million mansion in Birkdale moving on to something larger when his record-breaking £49 million transfer went through in 2015. Even though many footballers have a reputation for party, party, party there is a growing appetite for long-term property investment.

We only need to look at former Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler, who was built up a multi-million pound property empire, to see that selective investment in the early days can certainly reap its rewards in the latter days. The likes of Alan Shearer have also been very active in the property market as football superstars look to invest their millions for long-term capital appreciation.

Luxury property market

While many people automatically assume that London is the centre of the U.K.’s luxury property market, the Cheshire set may have something to say about that. As we touched on above, this is an area of the UK which has the greatest consumption of champagne and boasts a growing array of multimillionaires. It was therefore inevitable that the property market would become detached from the local area with multi-million pound deals more commonplace than ever before.

Footballers from right across the North West have chosen Cheshire as their home for the future with superstars and managers from Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United all living in the area. While there has been a softening of prices towards the higher end of the market, multimillionaire football superstars have little appetite for holding back because of issue surrounding Brexit. They have money on tap, new ideas and they are ready to move.

Is there an argument for using the location of high-profile football clubs when looking to invest in luxury properties?

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