Property Investment

Buy-to-let property remains one of the most resilient and lucrative investment strategies. The UK property market, whilst it has had its ups and downs, has continued to prove its buoyancy and hardiness against social, political and economic changes. Over the last decade house prices have continued on an upward trajectory, with rents similarly performing well.

However whilst property might seem like a near fool proof investment plan, there are lots of pitfalls for unwitting investors to watch out for. There are a multitude of questions to be answered when making any property purchase, ranging from where to invest, who to invest with, what kind of investment to make (residential or student), and how to negotiate the often confusing sale process.

Property Investment - Knight Knox

With constant headlines telling you where the next big property ‘hotspot’ is and rafts of changes in law geared toward landlords, it is understandable that you might have some questions. Whether you are an existing landlord thinking of expanding your portfolio, a new buyer looking to dip your toes into UK buy-to-let for the first time, or looking for any other kind of property advice on everything from property management to mortgages – Knight Knox can help.

Knight Knox is a market-leading property consultancy with a particular focus on city centre residential markets in the UK’s outstanding cities. With over 10 years’ experience and departments which specialise in land acquisition, design, marketing, financing, lettings, property management and sales, we are one of the few companies which is involved at all stages of development.

Property Investment

Knight Knox will be bringing its wealth of experience and unique investment opportunities to Sheffield on Wednesday 21st February. Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio or take your first steps into the world of buy-to-let, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Drop in to the Leopold Hotel anytime between 12pm – 8pm for free professional property advice!

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