Paul Pogba buys £2.9 million mansion

Paul Pogba, a returning starlet of the Manchester United youth team, has been living in the Lowry Hotel for the last six months. While these luxury surroundings befit a man who earns £290,000 a week it is never quite as homely as your own property. So, after last year’s £89 million move to Manchester, Paul Pogba has finally bought his own mansion.

Excellent value for money

The “ultramodern” five bedroom mansion is situated in Cheshire and was originally on the market for around £3.5 million. It is unclear how Pogba’s agents negotiated a £600,000 discount but the final asking price was £2.9 million. While many was of us may only dream of a property worth approaching £3 million, this is not really a problem when you earn a staggering £290,000 a week.

There is no doubt that the property offers exceptional value for money with an ultramodern design, leisure suite (vital for the modern day footballer), heated swimming pool, sauna and a lounge area. Those who are aware of Paul Pogba will know that he has a fascination with social media and he recently posted a number of photographs of his new property. There will also be no excuse for being late for training as his new mansion is just 20 minutes from the club’s Carrington training ground.

Modern but classy

Far too often we hear about footballers spending millions of pounds on properties which to be quite honest they would struggle to resell. There is nothing wrong in putting your stamp on a property but if you ever look to resell the property it could cost you a fortune to revert to a more vanilla style. Cheshire is awash with footballers and multimillionaires and, as we have mentioned before, it also boasts the highest intake of champagne across the UK. Yes, champagne with the Cheshire set beats that of London!

There is no doubt that should Paul Pogba wish to resell his property in the future he will have no problems. It will also allow him to retire from the hustle and bustle of Manchester city centre and the constant stream of paparazzi outside his hotel. Indeed he has already had his fair share of controversy off the field and privacy will be vital going forward.

Footballer’s homes

There are many footballers from Liverpool and Manchester who have decided to make Cheshire their home. Alex Ferguson famously lived on the same street as some of his players while he was manager of Manchester United. It is rumoured that the property Paul Pogba has just acquired was once used by ex-United teammate Javier Hernandez. It is a very small world!

At a time when many first-time property buyers are struggling to climb onto the first rung of the ladder this is not a problem for football superstars such as Paul Pogba. We very much doubt this will be the only property he owns having previously played overseas. This particular property has high security gates and a drive which will accommodate an array of vehicles. So, who fancies going to Paul Pogba’s housewarming?

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