Old Battersea House hits the market at £12 million

While there has been some mystery over the ownership of Old Battersea House, situated near Battersea Square, this 17th century Tudor mansion is back on the market at £12 million. Rumours have been swirling for many years now that Russian oligarch Sergei Pugachev is the actual underlying owner through his company incorporated in New Zealand. However, after falling out with the Russian government it seems that Sergei Pugachev is none too keen to reveal his whereabouts. So, what does Old Battersea House have to offer for a staggering £12 million?

Old Battersea House

When we tell you that this grade II listed manor house offers 10 grand bedrooms, five elegant reception rooms and a beautiful baroque hallway you will start to get the idea. This is not your stereotypical high-end mansion this is a property which goes above and beyond that kind of decadence. The property was once owned by the influential Forbes publishing family and it is rumoured to have been designed by no less than Sir Christopher Wren the man behind St Pauls Cathedral.

While there have been many owners over the years it was Malcolm Forbes, owner between 1971 and 2011, which put Old Battersea House back on the map. When he acquired the property it was described as a “roofless shell” but architect Vernon Gibberd was able to return it to its glory and the property became the Forbes family home for many years. Rumour has it that Elizabeth Taylor spent her honeymoon there with her seventh husband Larry Fortensky but this property has much more history to tell.

Life of luxury

Panelled drawing rooms, stylish kitchen with all the mod cons, garage and offstreet parking, secure electronic gates and a picturesque walled garden give you an idea of what awaits you inside. This is a property which has been tenderly restored to its former glory with millions of pounds spent on the interior. The 10 grand bedrooms must be a sight to behold, with exceptional views over the immaculate grounds as you wake in the morning, offering both privacy as well as a great place to entertaining friends and family.

The marble flooring, the pillared room entrances not to mention the artwork and the exceptional interior design must make this a dream venue. It is rather strange that this type of property, which has a history all of its own, was left to rack and ruin before the emergence of the Forbes family.

Is the owner looking for a quick sale?

As you might expect of a property with a history all of its own, the current rumoured owner, Sergei Pugachev, had most of his assets frozen by the London courts back in 2014. Once a friend of President Vladimir Putin he has since fallen out of favour and is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute hence his unwillingness to actually confirm ownership or his whereabouts.

Sergei Pugachev is rumoured to have bought the property for £12 million in 2011 and even though Brexit has caused a dark cloud over the market, surely it must have increased in value since then? We can only assume with frozen assets and an ongoing dispute with the Russian government that Sergei Pugachev is looking for a quick sale and a return into the shadows.

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