Number 1 Coronation Street could be yours for just £35,000!

When auctioneer SDL Graham Penny mentioned a property with the address “1 Coronation Street” on its future sales list is seems that some investors thought they were looking at a house on the famous cobbles. Indeed such has been the interest that the auctioneer has confirmed “several hundred” investors have been in contact about the property. So, is a famous address helpful when looking to sell a property?

Far away from Weatherfield

The infamous “1 Coronation Street” is actually a property 40 miles from the fictional show in Stoke-on-Trent. This is a two bedroom terraced house which is set to go up for auction on 16 March. Even the address itself gets you thinking about all of the controversial storylines from Coronation Street and the events which went down in “1 Coronation Street”. We have certainly seen some cliffhangers in this infamous address!

The auctioneers also revealed that they once sold a property with the address “10 Downing Street” although this was nowhere near the home of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. However, it did certainly grab the attention of investors at the time!

Promotion, promotion, promotion

When looking to sell any property the best way to get noticed is to offer a unique selling point. The address of a property is the first thing that many people see and if your address resonates with them they will not forget you. It will be interesting to see how much the property at the address “1 Coronation Street” is sold for on 16 March and whether interest in the address itself boosts attendance and the final selling price. Even though many may see this as just a bit of fun it is a very useful way to make sure that people remember your address.

Clever marketing

The Internet is a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly and the fact that we are writing about “1 Coronation Street” shows the extent to which the property has already gone viral. Sometimes it is the most innocuous elements of a sale which catch the eye of the general public leading to untold marketing exposure. Some of the most successful property sale viral campaigns often happen by “accident” because if they are managed they tend to look unnatural and forced.

We recently wrote an article about the use of drones in the property market as a means of giving a wider view of the property and associated land. Also, it is possible to grab some eye-catching images with the use of drones which again make a property stand out and give it its own USP.

Technology versus word-of-mouth

The idea of buying “1 Coronation Street” might be a dream to many Coronation Street fans but it has most certainly given this particular forthcoming sale massive exposure. The use of technology is also a major element going forward so while some may suggest there is a battle between technology and word-of-mouth it is possible to combine these two to create the ultimate marketing campaign. Thinking outside the box can prove to be extremely lucrative but it may take a while to perfect your strategy.

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