Most sought-after architectural style homes

Research by Anglian Home Improvements has cast a very interesting light across current trends in the UK housing market. This survey focused on the most architecturally desirable property styles in the UK and confirmed some interesting results. It seems all there is a lot of demand for Georgian style properties!

1. Georgian style properties

The intricacies of the Georgian era of architecture makes for very interesting reading today. The Georgian era lasted between 1714 and 1830 with heavy influence from Greece and Rome. This particular style of property is symmetrical and features an array of ornate decorations and motifs. However, did you know that many windows were bricked up to avoid a window tax?

2. Tudor style properties

The Tudor style was present in the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s with the stereotypical black and white appearance. This was a period of lavish properties with land up and down the country gifted to “Royal favourites”. The style is still very prominent in areas such as Chester with exposed timber, thatched roofs and tall narrow windows a hallmark. Small diamond-shaped windowpanes were joined together with lead to give that distinctive style.

3. Victorian style properties

Pointed arches, elaborate patterns and asymmetrically designed homes were a hallmark of the Victorian period of architecture between 1837 and 1901. Ornate stained-glass windows were a common feature of doorways and windows and this was an era in which the rich were keen to show off their wealth. There are still numerous prominent Victorian style properties in the UK today and many will not be surprised to see them in the top three most popular architectural styles.

Popular architectural features

There is no doubt that the UK property market consists of an array of very strong and individual styles. It is very difficult to predict how the UK property market will trend in the short, medium and longer term with specific architectural styles falling in and out of favour on a regular basis. However, the Anglian Home Improvements survey also clarified the 10 most popular architectural features for homes in the UK which include:-

• Large windows
• Bay windows
• Porches
• Stone built
• Stained-glass in the front door
• Redbrick
• Curve base
• Stained-glass windows
• Bifold doors

Sometimes it takes surveys like this to clarify and confirm the rich tapestry of property designs and architectural features in the UK. We know that overseas property investors seem to appreciate these different styles more than domestic investors who have perhaps become accustomed to seeing them on a regular basis.

Long-term styles

While it is safe to say there is money in chasing the latest trend in the UK property market this can often be a risky game. Sticking with the tried and tested architectural styles which have withstood the test of time is perhaps a safer strategy. Even though the likes of Georgian, Tudor and Victorian property styles will change position in the most popular style tables, they have been there or thereabouts for many years. When you buy a particular architectural styled property you are buying into the history of that style and what it stood/stands for.

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