Mortgage advice

The world of mortgages is surely one of the most confusing markets in the whole property sector. Do you need a repayment mortgage, an interest only mortgage, a variable rate mortgage, a tracker mortgage, a capped rate mortgage, or something else entirely?

Or are you looking to release equity from your home via remortgaging in order to pay for that new extension or your next investment? How much equity can you release from your home, and what is the best way to do it?

Mortgage Advice - Knight Knox

On top of all that, mortgage rates often change and the number and types of product on offer is constantly changing. What looks like a good mortgage one day might be unavailable a week later if the Bank of England base rate changes and the provider no longer sells product.

Professional mortgage advice unsurprisingly comes at a premium, and demand for this sort of service will only increase in the coming years. The most recent figures from UK Finance show that more than £20bn was lent in December 2017, a rise of 1.2% year-on-year. Given that mortgage rates remain low despite an interest rate rise of 0.25%, the sector is likely to continue growing in the future.

Knight Knox Mortgage Solutions is a market-leading mortgage service based in the North of England which is perfectly placed to offer expert advice to investors and homebuyers in the big Northern markets.

Mortgage advice

If you are looking to remortgage your home, take out your first mortgage, or to rearrange and expand an existing portfolio, join Knight Knox at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield on Wednesday 21st February for advice on how to take your next steps in the world of property. Register your interest today or drop in anytime between 12pm and 8pm for more information.

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