London Property Maintenance – are Landlords really getting value for money?

Section 11 on the Landlord and Tenant Act ensures that landlords keep their rented property in good repair. Landlords on average are spending 10% of their annual income on maintenance and usually dealing with irate tenants or with management companies who will charge more fees. You will need to deal with a multitude of contractors going to your investment and disturbing your tenants. All the while rental values are stagnating and costs of labour and materials are increasing. Sound familiar?… Carry on reading this article, the solution might be here

London-based Trio property care can take all your maintenance calls for just £0.33p per day, which is highly competitive for the London area. When a property maintenance issue arises, they can manage the entire process from taking the call to getting the problem resolved. This ultimately keeps tenants happy and takes a lot of hassle away from the landlord.

London Property MaintenanceIn the last four years Trio property care have visited 4500 properties in London, offering a service to landlords by being landlords themselves. They are an experienced team who deal with Property Managers, landlords and tenants every day. Trio Property Care specialise in providing landlords and their tenants the best experience in what is usually a difficult environment. By managing maintenance issues so well, they are able to pass savings directly onto the landlord. The quick response tenants receive means that they stay in the rental property and are less resistant to rent increases.

For more information about property maintenance in London visit Trio property care.

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