Is it time to educate while you isolate?

It is fair to say that few people alive today have ever been through anything even resembling the coronavirus pandemic. This is an issue which has touched all areas of society, business and has forced governments to dig deep into their reserves. So, for many people these next few weeks in isolation can be challenging. However, for those with an interest in property maybe it is time to educate while you isolate?

Free e-book guides

Over the last few months we have significantly increased our range of free e-book guides available via the website. If you click on the following link you will see the section detailing all of the e-books currently available with more to follow:-

We have added a whole array of different subjects which will open the eyes of many property investors to different opportunities. The guides include:-

The Investor’s Guide to Holiday Let’s

Many people will be unaware but the tax situation surrounding holiday let’s is very different to private lets in the main rental market. There may well be opportunities to minimise your tax liabilities while increasing revenue/profits. One potential after-effect of the coronavirus pandemic might be an increase in staycation holidays. Could this play into the hands of the holiday let sector?

Download e-book:-

The Investor’s Guide to Rent to Rent

Many people may not have even considered the rent to rent market which basically sees an individual taking over a property for an agreed rent. They can then slice and dice the property into separate rental accommodation and hopefully make a profit over above their basic rental cost. Margins in this particular sector can be very attractive but you need to know where to look, how to get the best price and also how to maximise your income.

Download e-book:-

The Investor’s Guide to Lease Options

For many people the idea of leasing a property is fairly straightforward, agree a figure, agree the term and sign. Unfortunately, it is not always as straightforward and this investment book about lease options will give you a broader view of the market and the different arrangements on offer. There are ways a means of protecting yourself both as a landlord and as a tenant – it’s better to be aware of might await you in the future!

Download e-book:-

The Investor’s Guide to Passive Income

For many people passive income from their property portfolio is the Holy Grail, initially they do the hard work, rent their properties and sit back while the money rolls in. Obviously, it is not as straightforward as this otherwise everybody would be doing it. However, there are fairly easy ways in which you can create your own passive income from for example private rental, while benefiting from potential capital growth in the longer term.

Download e-book:-


These four new investor guides to holiday lets, rent to rent, lease options and passive income will certainly make for interesting reading during the ongoing lockdown. There will be challenges for the property market when we emerge from this pandemic – as we will. However, for many people there will be some significant opportunities to enter the property market, expand their portfolio and increase their long-term income streams and potential for capital appreciation.

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