Has Donald Trump really bought 51% of the Walkie Talkie building?

It all seems official with quotes from a variety of different people but has Donald Trump really bought a 51% stake in what is commonly known as London’s “Walkie Talkie building”? Otherwise known as 20 Fenchurch Street this is an iconic building which was part owned by Canary Wharf Group. The group recently went public on its sale aspirations and there are rumours that Donald Trump has bought a 51% stake for £600 million and literally made the building his own from day one!

Trump Tower

While in many ways this does sound like an April fool’s, you should never write off anything where Donald Trump is concerned. There is an array of images doing the rounds on social media showing “Trump Tower” in gold letters above the entrance to the “Walkie Talkie” building. This is what makes us think it could well be an April fool but then again this is certainly something which Donald Trump could get involved in. Let’s face it this is a man who likes to see his own name in lights!

Is this deal really so far-fetched?

We know that Canary Wharf was looking to sell its stake for £600 million, Donald Trump is an expert when it comes to real estate and sterling has plummeted against the US dollar in light of Brexit. Even though there are some concerns about the UK financial markets after a Brexit deal has been agreed, London is not going to disappear as a financial centre. So, while the deal itself is no laughing matter it is the other announcement following the deal which has caused some controversy.

Staying objective

As president of the USA, Donald Trump needs to stay objective when it comes to subjects such as climate change. We know he has very strong personal views, he has perhaps been a little too vocal of late but if his rumoured plans are true he will court even more controversy. He suggests that London has some of the most polluted air in the world although so far there is no data to back this up. So what has he got planned?

It is believed that he has a significant interest in the Sky Garden at the very top of the “Walkie Talkie” building. This is in effect a windowed garden at the top of the tower exposed to the elements. It looks as though Donald Trump has brought in some government advisers on this project and aims to prove that climate change is just not happening.

Sky Garden community

A “community” will be placed in the Sky Garden which will use untreated London air as the “fuel” for its air conditioning system. The community will be monitored and filmed 24/7 to show that climate change is not a major problem and is being blown out of all proportion. At the same time he is running this pet project the building itself will be the centre of attention for global media. So, while Donald Trump may suggest he is on official business he is also maximising exposure for one of his investments.

There is even talk that he is planning to visit the “Walkie Talkie” building during his official state visit in the latter part of 2017. Now this would be controversial!


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