David De Gea’s house on the market

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea’s love affair with the fans has always been intense but there has been constant speculation that he would prefer a move to his boyhood heroes Real Madrid. Despite constant denials by Manchester United that their star goalkeeper could be the recipient of a £60 million bid from the Spanish giants it would appear that David De Gea has put his Bowden property on the market with a £3.85 million pricetag. So, is David De Gea finally leaving Manchester United?

A move is inevitable at some point

Whether Manchester United fans like it or not David De Gea will inevitably move to his boyhood heroes at some point. At the end of each season there is constant speculation of offers and counter offers but perhaps this season the most telling action is the fact he has put his property up for sale. Situated in the lucrative town of Bowdon, Trafford this is an area which boasts more than the average number of footballers and expensive properties. If the rumours are correct David De Gea’s property would appear to stand head and shoulders above many others in the area offering an array of different attractions.

Inside David De Gea’s home

The property itself is set in 1.25 acres of prime real estate land with an array of private landscaped grounds which perfectly complement the five bedroom property. Aside from the fact that David De Gea’s name is attached to the property he will certainly have no difficulties finding a buyer even in the current challenging environment.

In many ways this is a “summer home” with an outdoor swimming pool, gym and tennis court for all fitness buffs. The view over the gardens are exceptional and that is before we even get to the three reception rooms and what is described as a “stunning” open plan family dining kitchen. The property even includes a self-contained two-bedroom apartment with a “cinema room” making it difficult to get an angle on the size of the property.

Property in the area

As we touched on above, the likes of Bowdon boasts more than its fair share of footballers and their often extremely expensive properties. This is an area of the world which is obviously impacted to a certain degree by the national property trends but is actually one of the most lucrative outside of London. Much of this has been fuelled over the years by “football money” and when you bear in mind some of these footballers are taking home in excess of £100,000 a week you start to get an idea of the gap between “traditional markets”.

Is now the time for David De Gea?

While David De Gea has been quiet on speculation regarding his immediate future the vibes from his camp and the fact his home is now up for sale would seem to indicate changes are afoot. It may turn out that he is just “moving properties” but this is all happening at the same time as speculation about a Real Madrid mega offer continues to grow. After crying wolf for many years perhaps now is the time for David De Gea to seek pastures new?

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