Claudio Ranieri bids farewell to Leicester as home goes on the market

Oh how the fortunes have changed for ex-Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri who led the Leicester City team to the premiership title last season only to fall on his sword after a difficult start to the 2016/17 season. While he will be forever remembered by Leicester City fans it was the prospect of relegation this season which prompted a change in management. In a final cut of his ties with Leicester his Stoneygate property has gone on the market with an asking price of £695,000.

Stunning Stoneygate home

Situated on the south-east side of Leicester, Stoneygate has a reputation for character Victorian style properties which are extremely prominent in the area. It is this part of town that Claudio Ranieri decided to put down his roots and after last year’s title win he must have been thinking this was a long-term project. The property is described as “stunning” featuring four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three reception rooms and a tandem garage. Early indications are that Claudio Ranieri has vacated the premises and despite looking for a new management role he has no further use for his former pride and joy.

Inside Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester bolt hole

The kitchen is dominated by a wooden style which perfectly complements the tiled floor. The size of the kitchen ensures that you will have every modern day gadget you can think of together with some exquisite worktops. There is also an extremely large fridge so you will never run out of your favourite ingredients. The kitchen is spacious, well designed with more than enough worktop space to cook for even the largest of dinner parties.

Moving onto the three reception rooms, while they have been stripped of their furniture and are back to the “bare bones” it is not difficult to see how useful they will have been. The rooms are dominated by what appears to be a high standard electric fire which immediately catches your eye. It is worth remembering that there are three reception rooms which you can restyle to your personal preference.

If you move outside there is a private fenced garden towards the rear which is not enormous but more than enough to enjoy some privacy. The lawn and flowers, together with a blooming tree, are perfect for those days when you want to catch some rays and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A hidden gem

While Claudio Ranieri’s previous home is a lot larger than you might expect it does offer an inkling of what is behind-the-scenes when looking at the front of the property. There are rooms aplenty and a perfectly proportioned conservatory adds that little bit of extra room.

The manner in which Claudio Ranieri is leaving Leicester is unfortunate to say the least because he took the team way beyond even the wildest expectations of the fans. At the moment, as he looks for his next managerial challenge, his £695,000 Stoneygate property is surplus to requirements hence the reason why it has been listed on the market. When you bear in mind the size of the property, the number of rooms and its location, we very much doubt he will have much difficulty finding a buyer.

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