Celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean puts his €4 million mansion up for sale

He may be the lawyer for the celebrities but Gerald Kean has been joking that his financial situation has forced him to put his €4 million mansion up for sale. The property is known as Drayton Manor and while he suggests that it could be converted into a hospice there has been little real interest from local hospice organisations. Indeed some have gone as far as to suggest that the property is not suitable for a hospice but he has grabbed the headlines anyway. So, what can you expect from celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean and his €4 million mansion?

High society

The property is renowned for endless society soirées many of which raise large amounts of money for local charities. The 11 bedrooms of Drayton Manor certainly offer a variety of opportunities for someone looking for an investment and a potential conversion into a commercial property. However, it would be a shame if the property was to lose its historic feel?

The connection with a local hospice is quite interesting because government minister Simon Harris has just announced an additional €1 million to add to the €3.5 million already promised by the government to build a new hospice in Wicklow. It does seem to a certain extent that Gerald Kean has taken the opportunity to put his property on the market at the same time as the new hospice is been developed. Is there something going on behind the scenes?

Drayton Manor

It is unfortunate that the hospice issue has overshadowed what is to all intents and purposes a beautiful property. There are large garden areas offering beautiful views and with 11 bedrooms you can certainly have a party or two. It is believed that Gerald Kean would accept an offer in the region of €3.75 million even though he believes the property is worth well in excess of €4 million. This begs the question, was he just joking about his financial situation or does he need cold hard cash very quickly?

There are many different elements of the property including its very own cinema which will house a large party and offer great entertainment. The dining room looks like a high class restaurant and the master bedroom is adorned with the latest high-fashions together with a beautiful view of the gardens. The kitchen integrates the now commonplace “island theme” and houses some of the latest gadgets. For those concerned about a lack of space in the kitchen, you will be surprised at the size of the kitchen and the free floor space available.

Looking ahead

As we touched on above, Gerald Kean has held a number of charity evenings at Drayton Manor raising thousands of pounds for local charities. Only recently he stepped out with his new “girlfriend” Natanya Cafolla although he was not as forthcoming about details of their relationship. It does seem inevitable that Drayton Manor will be sold at some point because it is a beautiful property which boasts 11 bedrooms. Whether he will hit his target price of €3.75 million, or perhaps attract even higher offers, remains to be seen.

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