Carol Vorderman forced to reduce property sale price by £100,000

When Carol Vorderman was part of the Countdown team she was the lady in charge of the numbers. It is ironic therefore that she has been forced to reduce the sale price of her Bristol property by £100,000 after limited interest in the marketplace. The price has now been reduced to £2.495 million and even though the property was originally acquired for just £1.1 million in 2007 she has also carried out a lot of renovations.

So, what can you expect for your £2.495 million?

Situated in a very private area, just eight miles from Bristol, the home is well away from the neighbours. The property was formerly known as “Uplands” but was changed to Sloblock Hall by Carol Vorderman and rumour has it that this property can tell some stories about some wild parties. Even the name itself is connected with her former Countdown colleague Richard Whiteley and is apparently a cheeky joke between the two.

The property was originally built back in the 1970s and as we touched on above, while acquired for £1.1 million in 2007 there has been some extensive renovation work. Perhaps one of the more distinctive elements of the design is the curved “turrets” which give a partial castle feel to the property. The fact that it is also set in 4 acres of ground is also worth mentioning as there may well be potential for further developments in due course.


The property itself is constructed from mellow honey brick which gives a distinctive colour as well as the curved elements of the property which we highlighted above. There are a very impressive five bedrooms in this property all of which are above average size and perfect for entertaining guests. The two-year refurbishment programme brought in an array of different elements to the property including huge frameless double glazed windows, integrated IT and music systems, a suspended wood-burning stove and an eye-catching water feature.

It also comes with your stereotypical celebrity heated outdoor pool together with a bar and gym which have apparently been the centre of much attention and gossip. The property was first listed at £2.6 million last year just prior to Carol Vorderman entering “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!” but it was withdrawn as she entered the show. Due to the changes in stamp duty there is also a potential £12,600 saving on the new sale price which will not go unnoticed by savvy investors.

A numbers game

Carol Vorderman has an IQ which is slightly lower than Stephen Hawkins and we can safely assume she has crunched the numbers and tested demand in the area. The asking price of £2.495 million is a significant reduction on the original £2.6 million asking price but a good investor knows when to reduce the price to sell the asset. Even though significant money has been spent on renovating the property surely there is still a significant profit to release at the new asking price?

It will be interesting to see whether the property does actually change hands in the short to medium term because it is a beautiful house with five bedrooms and an array of additional services.

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